'Obama May Go To Prison'

I find myself in disagreement from a lot of my favorite conservatives in the media of late that think Obama is touchable. I don't believe he is.  While the information that is provided here from Beck...and the story continues to grow... is certainly worth listening to and very important...I believe that government is so thoroughly embedded with radical Communists and Islamist hell-bent on destroying America that getting to Obama is nearly impossible with the single exception of a miracle.  His injection into the Presidency, was not by chance but well planned years in advance in my opinion and at the same time many other operatives were put into place inside the government and media. Others are bought off and others intimidated to do this regime's bidding.  Nevertheless, Beck's assessment may be the best and most coherent assessment I have heard on Benghazi yet.  He rightly says that at Benghazi was NOT a consulate or embassy but rather a CIA safe-house and from there,  guns were being funneled to Syria.  I also agree with Beck that "this President, is on the wrong side".  Of course he is. He is the enemy and so are his henchmen. 
- W.E. 


Troubling details emerge about Ambassador Stevens’ dealings with Islamist rebels in Libya and Syria:

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