Dangerous technology. The implications are unbelievable on many levels. For instance, it won't be long just like with drone technology, that the radical Muslim's have this and that adds a whole new horrifying capability to terrorism.  -W.E.


The Pentagon is betting big on a real life invisibility cloak for American solders, according to recent reports.

Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp, a Canadian company known for its innovative camo technology, is attempting to revolutionize the battlefield by providing true invisibility for soldiers. The special material being used is know as Quantum Stealth. The pictures posted on the company’s website of the fabric, which apparently bends light to create the effect, look as though they are straight out of a Harry Potter movie:

Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp Reportedly Develops Invisibility Cloak Camo

Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp Reportedly Develops Invisibility Cloak Camo

Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp Reportedly Develops Invisibility Cloak Camo
There is no video yet of the technology in action since its development is considered highly secretive. However, Guy Cramer, CEO of Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp, told the Daily Mail that top military brass in the U.S. and Canada have seen it in action, and were amazed:

“These groups now know that it works and does so without cameras, batteries, lights or mirrors…It is lightweight and quite inexpensive. Both the U.S. and Canadian military have confirmed that it also works against military IR scopes and Thermal Optics.”
In the same interview, Cramer imagines a group of battle tanks decked out with Quantum Stealth camouflage that could engage an enemy unit with no signs of their location except the sound of their engines and guns.

“As news spreads of an invisible Canadian army which can move without detection, the psychological effect on the enemy is devastating, they never know when or even if this invisible army has them targeted or surrounded. How can you hit a target you cannot see, how do you defend from the invisible?”
In a recent CNN interview, Cramer said you would literally have to “walk right into” a solder wearing the cloak in the same room as you to know he was there.  ”You wouldn’t see him at all” Cramer claims.
The army spent $5 billion in an underwhelming and under-performing camouflage pattern eight years ago and is now shopping for new contracts.

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