While Waiting for the Climax of the Hurricane

Keep these warnings in mind as you read the rest:
Weather modification: "Weather modification is the act of intentionally manipulating or altering the weather. The most common form of weather modification is cloud seeding to increase rain or snow.... Weather modification in warfare has been banned by the United Nations.... Weather modification, particularly hostile weather warfare, was addressed by the 'United Nations General Assembly Resolution ...on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques' was adopted. The Convention was: Signed in Geneva May 18, 1977."[1]
"The reality of weather modification is no conspiracy theory. Since before the 50′s, weather modification techniques have existed. In fact, the threat of 'weather weapons' was so imminent that the United Nations felt it necessary to draft a treaty ensuring no nation would use this 'new means of warfare' against one another. Why would the U.N. draft a treaty if weather modification was just a conspiracy theory?
      "The 1976 UN Weather Weapons Treaty defined 'weather weapons' as follows: '[...] the term 'environmental modification techniques' refers to any technique for changing – through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes–the dynamics, composition or structure of the Earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or of outer space.”[2]

"He who has ears to hear, let him hear!" (Luke 14:35)

I’m writing this as the great catastrophic hurricane claws its way up the coast, with my home state squarely in its path. Just in case, I’d better get this column finished fast. Maybe by the time you read it, everything will be all right. Or maybe it won’t....
While I still have electric power, I pay a short visit to the internet. Voila! This enormous killer storm is caused by… [trumpet fanfare] Global Warming! And how do we know that? Why, Bette Midler says so!

...In one of those old disaster movies from the 1970s, there was a line, “Earthquakes bring out the worst in people.” It seems hurricanes do, too. [...and it might bring out the best in some other people]

A lot of the folks on the barrier islands, for instance, didn’t want to evacuate. They were afraid their homes and shops would be looted before they could return. And there was the usual contingent of idiots who saw in the disaster an occasion for merriment: break out the surfboards and the video-cams, this is gonna be great!

The governor and umpteen dozen local mayors hit the airwaves to plead with people not to use the roads until the storm was over. ... Do you think that kept people off the roads? Think again! What the heck—if you want a sack of donuts or a really nice latte, don’t let a little thing like an official State of Emergency cramp your style....
This just in: gangs in the New York area are using Twitter to organize looting expeditions. Better living through technology! ...
In our folly, we have in our minds separated God from His creation. We think “nature” is autonomous. It runs itself, it does what it does, while God dozes....

Because we no longer believe that the earth is the Lord’s, we cannot see, we cannot hear. If the next storm were to be ten times as terrible as this one, still we would be deaf to God’s voice. We only hear “scientific explanations” of the storm—those of us who aren’t captivated by the man-made hurricane theory.

But a scientific explanation, while true, only describes what a hurricane does. It doesn’t tell us what a hurricane is.

We grope our way into the future, blind and deaf and with our hearts closed to understanding.

We can hear Bette Midler, but we can’t hear God.

2. Adan Salazar, "Could Hurricane Sandy be Weather Modification at Work?" http://www.infowars.com/could-hurricane-sandy-be-weather-modification-at-work/

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