Global Collaboration of MegaCities Implement Agenda 21 to Prepare Populations


President Obama, during his election campaign in 2008, was focused on the promise that America would lead the world on climate change. Obama declared that the US would reduce CO2 emissions by 2050 and invest $150 billion in green technologies. At the heart of his agenda was a cap-and-trade bill.
One of Obama’s endeavors was allocating $60 million of taxpayer money to Abound Solar, a bankrupt solar energy corporation out of Colorado owned by Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett is currently under criminal investigation and Abound Solar is out of business which means she took the money and “left town”.
To show his support for the globalist schemes concerning global warming, Obama attended the 2009 UN Copenhagen Climate Summit and gave a speech about converging the US to bow down to international mandates on climate change.
In a study from an eco-fascist outfit called Surging Seas, areas along coastal lines in the continental US are under threat of rising sea levels which threaten the populations living in states such as Florida, Louisiana, California, New York and New Jersey.
Another alarmist study focusing on cities across the globe that are endanger of coastal flooding due to climate change assesses financial risks associated with allowing urban populations to live along coasts in various countries and governmental protection measures that should be enacted to mitigate further damage caused by the reckless attitude toward global warming.  Coastal cities are expected to witness the most incredible surge in population due to consistent urbanization and the advent of megaregions. With the implementation of decentralization, megaregions are the preferred answer by the global Elite for controlling citizens of former sovereign nations.
Eco-fascists are calling for debates about what to do with coastal population after disasters like Katrina and Sandy. In 2011, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) admits that studying hurricanes is a complicated science and they have not been able to definitively prove that humans are effecting tropical storm patterns. However, the IPCC warned that tropical storms will continue to intensify as the temperature of the planet continues to warm.
Mainstream propaganda claims that coastal populations should “abandon” those cities “and retreat inland”. However, as unlikely as this solution is, the answer would be to convert these coastal cities into megaregions where CO2 emissions could be controlled under Agenda 21 protocols.
Acclimating humans to a “social-ecological” system of co-evolving with natural systems would eliminate the possibility of human destruction to biodiversity. In fact, they that our impact is a “shock [to] a system [that cannot] absorb before it transforms into something fundamentally different? That, in a nutshell, is the essence of resilience.” Setting aside “green spaces, both natural and man-made, can buffer a city against change” and megacities can recondition future generations to become “core contributors” for “future sustainability.”
The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) are an interconnected group of megacities that promise to adhere to UN mandates on climate change.
In 2007, mayors from 40 major cities across the world collaboratively decided to alter the landscape of their cities to reflect globalists’ answers to global warming by implementing Agenda 21 incrementally.
Back in July, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the construction of 275 to 300 square foot micro-apartments in Kips Bay in a beta-test to coerce New Yorkers into living in tight-knit, purposefully dense areas to alter the psychological landscape toward conversation globalist style.
In San Francisco single individuals are rent their very own 1st generation Agenda 21 two hundred and twenty-two square foot apartment (if the closet and bathroom are factored into the allocated living space). The intention of these “shoe box homes” are to house marginalize the general public and train them to accept less living space in the name of affordability.
In Boston, one developer exclaims that renters only need 450 square feet to live in and anything else is a waste of space. In the Seaport District Mayor Thomas M. Menino says that young professionals will want to live in these mini-apartments because of their exceptional waterfront views. Menino’s $100 million endeavor called the Boston Wharf Tower is a “project will help turn this neighborhood into a vibrant, 24-hour mixed-use community.”
In these units there is barely room for furniture, so designers made sure that there would be a pull-out couch and a comparatively small monthly rental to justify asking the Bostonian public to live in a personal Agenda 21 prison.
The C40 has expanded to 58 cities that use Un Agenda 21 regulations to monitor global populations, decrease CO2 emissions and affect the global gross domestic product (GDP). Being major cities, they have a tremendous influence over setting the standard for a “low carbon economy”. In a case study produced by C40, the outline for 4,734 procedures currently in action are explained which gives credence to local leaders becoming a collective for the alarmists and eco-fascists.
C40 seeks to control cities because they “consume over two-thirds of the world’s energy and account for more than 70% of global CO2 emissions.” Being influential, the example that can be set in urbanized areas will eventually trickle into rural areas; with the eventuality of returning those areas to their natural state and moving massive populations into megaregions.
Christopher Kennedy, author of “The Evolution of Great World Cities” and professor at the University of Toronto states that redefining the infrastructure of megacities must include new rules, codes and social norms to recondition citizens into the new structure of how cities will be governed in the future. A global corporate dominance will purvey the landscape as well as mandating new building technologies that maximize urban space.

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