Sixteen Mexican's Killed at Birthday Party by Guns from Obama and Holder's Fast and Furious Guns Scheme

More dead and I believe we are still only scratching the surface. It is going to take all of us to keep the pressure on our Congress to NOT LET THIS ISSUE DROP.....CRIMES HAVE BEEN COMMITTED- and our government would love for this to go away and don't think they aren't trying. Imagine if this had happened under Bush? There would be no re-election bid, he would already have been impeached.  Holder is not indicted, but still in office. Obama can cry "Executive Privilege" only so long. (He hopes until after the election).  Fox is still the only news agency with a voice speaking out on this which makes my blood boil worse.  WE MUST NOT FORGET. 
- W.E.  

h/t FoundersKeeper

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