Glenn Beck : Unstoppable Economic Collapse Is Imminent

American's, friends, brothers and sisters; Please take heed.  -W.E.


Glenn Beck : Unstoppable Economic Collapse is Imminent the world has no engine of growth most of the G20 countries have reached a stalled growth, the only engine of growth in the United States is the stimulus package . The bankers have finally gotten their day. They have removed all competitors to their fiat currencies that surround the world. As the US prints more, so will other countries. Other countries are forced to devalue their currencies in order to compete with our cheap currency, goods, and services. It’s a race to the bottom. Eventually, all currencies will be merged into one world currency. This is the central bankers ultimate goal, but a very difficult one to achieve to say the least. Start buying gold and silver, and when the crash comes, those who live in big cities GET THE.... OUT!! you don’t want to be in the middle of riots people killing each other over rations, go into the country side and wait it out.

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