THE DEATH POOL GROWS: Who is Dead Obama Staffer Alex Okrent?

43 year old Journalist, Andrew Breitbart dies of a heart attack, his coroner Michael Cormier dies soon after, on the very day he was to release the results of Breitbart's autopsy, poisoning in suspected in Cormier's death. 
There is the mysterious deaths of all of Seal Team 6 right after they, we are told, killed Bin Laden. 
Three openly gay men, and members of Obama's Trinity United church all die within 6 weeks of each other.  
So, call me a conspiracy theorist when I see another person, possibly gay, dies and he is most certainly connected, for 8 years to Obama.  More details about the other strange deaths are here. - W.E.


A huge story on July 13 was the death of Obama campaign staffer Alex Okrent. 

Apparently, he had been at Obama’s campaign headquarters in Chicago, fine one minute, dead the next. Witnesses say he collapsed, whereby paramedics were called, and the next thing everyone knows, he’s dead.
Young, twenty-nine years old? Mysteriously dies?
Nothing to see here, move on…
Per the Obama campaign, Okrent had been a staffer going all the way back to Obama’s 2004 U.S. senate campaign—being on staff for eight years. That’s a long time.
The guy must have a lot of history. A lot of stories to tell.
Do a Google search. You will find that the guy literally does not exist. Except for the story about his death, the guy does not appear anywhere. Even if he wasn’t an Obama campaign staffer, anyone who has googled their own name knows everyone that walks the face of this Earth who has not lived in a cave all of their lives will be all over the Internet.
His existence wiped clean?
Oddly, his Twitter account is still active. While his timeline shows him to be an Obama supporter, nothing, going all the way back to 2009, indicates he was an Obama staffer.
His does appear to be a gay marriage supporter, and while his timeline does not indicate he is gay, one photo dug up in an archived Twitter post seems to indicate he was gay. Also, the last thing he tweeted was a suggestion to go to a popular Chicago bar frequented by lesbians and gays.
Another Obama gay connection?
Perhaps nothing to see here. Perhaps it is another right-wing conspiracy theory.
Of course, we were told that calling the birth certificate a forgery was a conspiracy theory, and that turned out to be true…

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