Walker Wins, Left Suffers Devastating Defeat

Congratulations to Wisconsin and Scott Walker and a fantastic win...fighting back the unions and the useful idiots!  This is a major set back for the Progressives who wanted to use this battle as a template around the country. Excellent win. Let us do exactly what Scott Walker did- give thanks to Almighty God for this victory. -W.E. 


Wisconsin residents on Tuesday voted in favor of keeping GOP Gov. Scott Walker in a recall election organized after he eliminated collectively bargain agreements for most state employees to cut a multi-billion dollar budget shortfall.
Fox News called the race shortly before 10 p.m. Eastern Time.
Walker in surviving the recall election, beat back a challenge by Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.
The recall effort started about 18 months after the first-term governor eliminated collectively bargain agreements for most state employees, in an effort to cut Wisconsin's multi-billion dollar budget shortfall.
Democrats and unions argued that Walker had gone too far, then helped organize massive statehouse protests and gather 900,000 signatures for the recall vote. The effort began shortly after the state legislature agreed last year to Walker’s proposal, which also requires most public state workers to pay more for health insurance and pension benefits.

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