QUOTE(S) OF THE DAY: Nancy Pelosi on ObamaCare


She was then asked why she was so confident about her prediction, "Do you have a crystal ball or what is your confidence -- you wrote the bill but why do you have this confidence?" She said:

“Because I know the Constitution. This bill is ironclad.  It is ironclad.”

“Nobody was frivolous with the Constitution and the health of the American people in writing the bill,” she said.  “So, that’s where my confidence springs from, the merit of the bill and the nature of the Constitution.”

Apparently in the whacky world of Nancy Pelosi: 

1. She "knows the constitution".
2. ObamaCare is "Ironclad" constitutionally speaking.
3. SCOTUS will vote 6-3 in favor of ObamaCare.
4. The Obamacare bill "has merit". 

All this from the ex-Speaker who also famously said: "You have to pass the bill in order to find out what's in it".

Is it too late to demand a recount of her last election? Voter fraud has to be in play here, no way can a majority of the citizenry really vote for someone like this, can they?  Oh wait, we are talking about San Francisco California.  Never mind. (deep breath)
Read the whole story@  CNSnews

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