More Taxpayer Millions for Van Jones and His Nest of Vipers

Van Jones  "I'm willing to forego the cheap satisfaction of the radical pose for the deep satisfaction of radical ends.""
Self described communist Van Jones, the President's previous "Green Jobs Czar" who was chased out of office more than two years ago, just won't stop trying to destroy America.  Van Jones is a personal favorite of Valerie Jarrett and Obama, the latter of which has no problem robbing the public treasury to pay this radical and his "nest of vipers" to further transform America. -W.E. 


A solar installation research company based in Oakland, California called Solar Mosaic has just received $2 million in grant monies from the Department of Energy's SunShot Initiative program. Mosaic pulled in 4 times more money than the other eight companies that made the cut. Why did the California company fare so well? 
Simple. Obama's former green jobs czar buddy, Anthony K. "Van" Jones is listed as an adviser while two radical organizations he co-founded are cited as "members of the Solar Mosaic family."

The payouts for Mr. Obama's radical cronies just keep on coming. Obama's corporate crooks are stealing our money and giving it to these solar flare-ups who keep promising jobs to recession-weary Americans.

The Soros-funded Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (EBC) in Oakland and Green For All (GFA) both started by Jones are in with Mosaic. The social justice fronts continue to haul in taxpayer monies for their far left radical causes while establishment politicians in DC turn a blind eye.
Jones' GQ persona has been very effective in the revolutionary Marxist's ploy to cobble together lucrative non-profits in order to advance his communist agenda. Jones, who called himself 'Van' in his first year of college because he "needed a new identity" and a name with a "touch of nobility" learned early on how important appearances and verbal engineering are in raking in the money.
The man knows how to turn a phrase. Jones was talking about Skittles long before Trayvon Martin. This is how he described EBC in 2002: 
At the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights we think that the prison walls are a reflection of the fact of the social walls between communities. And so at the center we have every color of the Skittles bag, all working together, you know, lots of different projects.
The Mosaic Solar website describes Ella Baker of the Ella Baker Center as "un unsung hero of the civil rights movement who inspired and guided emerging leaders." Baker in fact was a bridge between the far left activists of the day and the Communist Party.
Jones and his co-founder Diana Frappier, a Bay area radical, chose Baker as the center's namesake because she was indeed a pioneer in the movement. She worked with CPUSA's money man Stanley David Levison, a New York lawyer and businessman in the mid-1950's and introduced him to Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1956. According to a 2002 article in Atlantic magazine Baker and Levison were "close colleagues." 
Baker was active in many far left organizations like the Mass Party Organizing Committee and the Puerto Rican Support Committee. These two groups were associated with the Prairie Fire Organizing Committee (PFOC) which was set up as a legal network for the Weather Underground.
Bernardine Dohrn's sister, Jennifer, headed up PFOC and in 1976 invited various groups and individuals to a "Hard Times" conference in Chicago. On the list were Baker, Dohrn and Weather Underground associate Nancy Frappier who today continues to work in the Bay area.  
Another Frappier, Diana, was instrumental in helping Van Jones set up the Ella Baker Center in 1996. Other attendees at the 1976 meeting intended to "unite the far left with the new communist party" were the Black Panthers, the Socialist Workers Party, Baker's Puerto Rican Support Group and the Mass Party Organizing Committee.
Another California Maoist and Castro-loving radical, Betita Martinez, also lent Jones a hand in setting up EBC. 
In 2007, after Jones dropped the "radical pose for the radical ends" he and Apollo Alliance founder Joel Rogers started another non-profit -- Green for All. George Soros was a major donor along with a slew of far left foundations and individuals.
GFA gathered supporters for The Dream Reborn conference in 2008. The theme centered on Martin Luther King and those who "dare to dream a green dream."
Jones' GFA was instrumental in pushing through the 2007 Green Jobs Act allocating $125 million per year for green energy initiatives.

In 2009,
$500 million from the stimulus fund went to the GFA's Green Jobs Act. In a few short years Jones was able to get a billion from taxpayers to line his own pockets and those of his corporate cronies. It's quite a coup until we remember Jones, like so many others, gets rich on the backs of his own people.

GFA promised to create millions of jobs for low-income minorities. By last fall the
unemployment rate for black males was the highest it's been since 1984. For black youths most reports put it near 50%.

Now Solar Mosaic is shoveling the same manure as Jones, one of its "advisers." The $2 million government
grant will be a boon to the masses, they say.
Mosaic aims to enable millions of Americans to finance solar projects in communities around the country, creating new jobs and stimulating local economies. By driving down the cost of solar, Mosaic will make it possible for more homeowners, businesses, and community organizations to share in the environmental and financial benefits of solar.
Van Jones is an enemy of the people. He should be serving time next to Bernie Madoff, but instead he's treated like a celebrity.

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