Live Feed: Alex Jones & InfoWars at Bilderberg, Chantilly, VA

I rarely don't include Alex Jones information, his hyperbole can make me insane.  (sorry, I know many love him) but the point is, Alex is there and doing the hard work to expose evil, and I do support that. -W.E.


Here is the link to their live feed, for today and through the weekend into Sunday. At times the broadcast is live, at times it is not. It may become difficult to tell.

Streaming Live by Ustream

We take no responsibility for what is transmitted.
In my perspective:
While Alex Jones refers to more facts than fallacy or falsity, by a fair counting and sorting through his references, he is at times, quick to hyperbole, and accepts significantly suspicious people into his circles. Point is, he is there and doing the work to expose real evil – actual executive management if you will, for the violation of American Popular Sovereignty and national sovereignty, done in darkness.

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