BREAKING! Florida DEFIES Holder! Continues to PURGE Voter Rolls!

Here we see the other leg of Obama's reelection campaign- allow non-citizens, fictional characters and dead people to vote. They are so willing to do this, they are fighting the voter laws of Florida to purge voter rolls. Let us not forget SCYTL- "Over 900 jurisdictions are relying on Scytl, according to its own website, “the worldwide leader in electronic voting and electoral modernization”.  Scytl is based in Barcelona, Spain and the board of directors is made up of, you can't make this stuff up, investment bankers.  See that story hereThe bottom line folks is that America is truly "under siege" from the Marxist loving globalist elite and Obama, many in congress, media and other organizations are working their plan of world domination.  Sounds like a James Bond movie I know, but I assure you, if you are looking, the evidence is literally hidden in plain view.  May God have mercy-W.E.


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