Whereas I appreciate Beck pointing out (see video below) that Orrin Hatch, is a Big Government conservative, which is an oxymoron, and ideally all of the RINO's need to be voted out of the ranks of anyone calling themselves "conservatives"- I would contend that Americans need to vote out liberal's what ever rock we find them under...or George Soros funded group and political party we find them in.  
The easiest block of leftists to find belong to the Progressive Caucus.  How do I know this? Let me see. Maybe it's because they belong to the PROGRESSIVE Caucus. I'm just sayin'.  Progressives are not your normal freedom loving American's that like baseball, apple pie and, uh, freedom. Okay, they might like baseball and apple pie.  But no, no, no, no. They love their big, "government can do no wrong" agenda. They usually love Chavez, Obama and the United Nations too and have quite the disdain for Tea Party's the military and that old document, whats it called?.....errrr...oh yes, the CONSTITUTION.  
So how do we find out who these Progressive's are?  Glad you asked. You could go to this link from their website, here.   You got some doozies there.

Of course their leader is Nancy "you have to vote on the bill to find out what's in it" Pelosi.  You have Senate member and self admitted Socialist, Bernie Sanders. Also among the membership is everyone's favorite corrupt politician, Charles Rangel 
There is also Jim McDermott.  His bio says that as a young man his "specialty" was psychiatry...go figure he is a Psychiatrist.  Bet he can make a lot of side money with some of his Progressive Caucus buddies, but I digress. Jim has only been in Congress for....22 years and this Progressive sits on the House Ways and Means Committee – Congress’ tax-writing panel – which enables him to play an influential role in a wide range of issues, including Medicare, Social Security, America’s social safety net, economic development, trade policy, and the environment.  Anyway, not to get too hung up on McDermott, some of the other great umm, "statesmen" include  Maxine Waters, Jesse JacksonJr..John Conyers and Barney Frank to name a few.  Although Barney says he isn't going to run again, gonna spend time with his new husband whose name interestingly isn't Fred from what I know.  Yes, these folks are entrenched deeper than the lies they spew and are just plain hard to get out of office. They have money, a supportive media and influence which few who run against them can match. But a motivated and informed citizenry...that will show up at the polls CAN defeat these Progressives, and their RINO counterparts.  If MTV and the leftists can "get out the vote"....what can a few million motivated American's do? What can you do? 


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