22 Alarming Facts About Obama’s Economy

June 2011, Source, Meet the Press
I don't think these 22 facts should be overlooked, they serve as examples on exactly how hard the President has worked to screw things up this bad.  I mean, you really have to give him credit. 40 straight months of 8 % or higher unemployment doesn't just happen you know, it takes talent!  61% of our national debt is being monetized at his direction, I mean that is fantastic the amount of utter destruction one man can do!  Thanks to $5 Trillion in new debt (let's ignore the fact that he said he was going to cut that in half) we go deeper in debt $2 million every MINUTE, yes, I know...isn't he amazing?  The best part? Probably how the lapdog media just loves this guy, excuses this guy and still worships this guy.  But, knowing who they are, can you blame them really? I mean, he is definitely making some big, fundamental changes.  Plus, all this work, and he still managed to play his 100th round of golf last week.  What a multi-tasker! What a guy! - W.E.


  • Our national debt has risen by more than $5 trillion during Obama’s administration,more than what it increased under all previous 43 presidents combined. 
  •  The number of Americans on food stamps has risen from 32 million to over 46.4 million in Obama’s three years in office.
  •  At $3.59,the average price of gasoline is $ 1.74 MORE than it was the day Barack Obama was sworn in.
  •  Twenty two percent of American children live in poverty,the highest level in 30 years.
  • For forty straight months (every single full month of Obama’s reign),unemployment has been 8%.
  •  Forty two percent of American workers are living paycheck-to-paycheck.
  •  Fifty three percent of college graduates under 25 are either unemployed or under-employed.
  •  The Federal Reserve has monetized 61% of our national debt. This means that we are “selling” government bonds to other government agencies.
  •  Eighty six percent of American workers aged 60 or older will continue working past their 65th birthday.
  •  Ninety five percent of the jobs lost in Obama’s depression have been lost by middle-class workers.
  •  To satisfy local,state,and federal taxes,the average working American has to put in 107 days- more than 21 weeks of work.
  •  In Detroit,thanks to Democrat policies for the last fifty years,a three-bedroom home can be purchased for just $500.00 – which is actually a slight uptick over recent years.
  •  Since Obama took office,he has destabilized the national economy to the point that the price of an ounce of gold has risen from $850.00 to over $1600.00.
  •  Last month in Montgomery,Alabama,20,000 people applied for 877 openings at a Hyundai plant.
  •  In 2011,the average American household spent a staggering $4,155.00 on gasoline.
  • Currently,there are a record-breaking 88 million+ Americans of working age who are unemployed.
  •  Student loans, NOT dischargeable in bankruptcy,now stand at over $1 trillion,KILLING the future of millions of our young people.
  •  Compared to 1985,our 2011 trade deficit with China was more than 49,000 times larger.
  •  To determine why cocaine makes the Japanese quail engage in risky sexual behavior,the Obama Administration  spent $175,587.00 of our tax dollars.
  •  The national debt could not be repaid in less than 440,000 years if we started immediately.
  •  Our debt is growing at the rate of OVER $2 million each MINUTE! 
  •  In 2010,2.6 million Americans fell into poverty. Since 1959,when this statistic was developed,no year saw a bigger increase.

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