The Environmental Protection Agency is nothing short of the epitome of Big Brother.  Spying, arresting, harassing, fining and "legally" stealing the rights of citizens all over this country It is the American version of the United Nations and seems to be the enforcer of Agenda 21. -W.E.

khastv h/t EPAabuse

 For more than a year the Environmental Protection Agency has been flying over Nebraska feedlots looking for violations and possibly taking pictures of the businesses themselves.

There's one problem, no one knew this type of surveillance was taking place. Until now.

That's why Nebraska's entire Congressional delegation has sent a letter to the head of the agency looking for answers.

One of the biggest questions: what are the pictures being used for and how are they stored.

Also is this only happening in Nebraska?

Here's what Congressman Adrian Smith had to say when we asked him his thoughts on a possible connection with the Humane Society of the United States:

"That's what we're trying to get to the bottom of in terms of how that information will be used. We know that animal rights groups have teamed up with some pretty extreme environmental groups to really demonize the livestock industry - a major source of the world's protein. And the fact is we've got a safe food supply and an available food supply that's fairly affordable as well. We don't want to undermine that."

Smith added he wants to know where this type of oversight is headed because it seems to be another overreach by the EPA.

We spoke with Senator Mike Johanns on the phone today, too.
He says the agency has no authority to be conducting these types of surveillance checks. It would have needed to be approved by Congress, first. 

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