Occupy Anarchists in San Fran Post Video of Themselves Smashing Windows & Causing Mass Destruction

"No more pigs in our community! No more pigs in our community! No more pigs in our community! Revolution has come! Revolution has come!" 

The anarchists' walk with impunity down the center of the streets, smashing storefront windows and cars parked on curbs yelling their obscenities and chants or revolution as onlookers inside restaurants smile for the camera in a surreal scene from Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco. The occupy movement has free reign to destroy and terrorize.  It would seem to me that an arrangement has been made with the organizers of the riots (best guest many of them paid by socialist/communist groups, because we know that has happened around the country with great regularity) and the police and politicians.  This is shameful, disgraceful and will eventually end in bloodshed.  But that is of course the point. That is the goal, and the trajectory seems to be on target.  -W.E.


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