Israel vs. Iran: 'Any Given Moment'


Israel's channel 10 is reporting that U.S. officials are working frantically to prevent a pre-emptive Israeli attack on Iran, which the new unity government could carry out at "any given moment," according to Israel National News:

U.S. government officials told Channel 10 News that they believe a Likud-Kadima joing government could make a decision about an Israeli attack on Iran at any moment and perhaps even before the U.S. presidential elections in November.
The report said that when the Americans believed early elections would be held in Israel on September, they thought it meant the attack in Iran would be postponed at least until after the election. Now, with the stabilization of Israeli politics and the current government likely to end its term on schedule, the situation has changed and the Americans are concerned.
According to the Channel 10 report, in order to try and prevent or at least postpone the Israeli decision on the issue, the Americans recently held marathon talks with Israeli officials at all levels.
As reported earlier this week on, Israel's main two political parties, the governing Likud and the opposition Kadima, agreed to form a unity government rather than face early elections that were to be called by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 
One of the reasons for the agreement was to create greater political stability, possibly in advance of a possible military conflict with Iran--and in the face of opposition from the Obama administration.

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