Iran Gives Chavez Missiles To Hit The US: Screwed!

Lest anyone thinks that America's only threats come from within, let this reassure you that our enemies are many and they have been busy. Meanwhile we are conditioned by media to listen to the likes of Al Sharpton and his thuggery regarding the Trayvon Martin case or who Kim Kardashian marries. Anything as long as it isn't who is surrounding America,who is building alliances against us or who is plotting to destroy what Obama doesn't. - W.E.


In Screwed!, we document that Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez has cemented an alliance with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his terrorists to base missiles in South America that can hit American cities.

The Iranian-Venezuelan alliance first came to public view when U.S. counter-terrorist officials thwarted an Iranian-Venezuelan plot to use Mexican drug cartel operatives to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the he ate in a DC restaurant.

In Screwed!, we offer more chilling information on this new threat against us:

• Iran is selling drones to Chavez. The Wall Street Journal reports that “Venezuela purchased 10 Iranian Mojaher 2 drones in a $29 million deal with a company owned by the [Iranian] Revolutionary Guard.”

• Iran is planning to base Shahab 3 missiles in Venezuela and Chavez has leased military bases in his country to Iran. These missiles can hit the United States

• Former Israeli foreign minister Danny Ayalon accused Venezuela and Bolivia (which Chavez controls) “of supplying uranium to Iran which lacks domestic sources of the radioactive material needed to make nuclear weapons and which Bolivia has in large quantities.”

• Iran has spent $4.5 billion on its operations in Latin America. Hezbollah’s base of activity is the remote jungle region where Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil come together. RAND reports it is now “the most important center for financing terror activity outside of the Middle East.”

• A declassified Pentagon analysis, released last year, said that al Qods, an elite branch of the Iranian military, “has established an increased presence in Latin America, particularly in Venezuela.”

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