'Gays' to YouTube: Don't let anyone see THIS!


The newest battleground over the California legislature’s decision to establish a day to honor homosexual activist and politician Harvey Milk is YouTube.

SaveCalifornia.com President Randy Thomasson says YouTube recently pulled the video simply because homosexual activists complained. 
“Homosexual activists didn’t like the truth that was in the video; they complained to YouTube and YouTube’s committee yanked it,” Thomasson said. “They did the bidding of the homosexual activists and apparently don’t do their research and all of these are true facts.”
Thomasson says his organization is working to get YouTube to reinstate the video. He says that in the meantime, SaveCalifornia.com is running the video on its website.
Thomasson says his short video was produced with a mission in mind.
“People around the world – they’re getting a one-sided and biased, incorrect picture of Harvey Milk. Harvey Milk is being called a hero and a role model. Actually, he was a sexual predator,” Thomasson said.
Thomasson added that the 2008 movie about Milk was largely fictional.
“It doesn’t show all of the young boyfriends Harvey Milk had. It made him look like he had only one steady, older boyfriend. It doesn’t talk about all of the boyfriends who went and killed themselves because they got AIDS and so forth,” Thomasson said.
“The film was a positive portrayal of Harvey Milk that didn’t talk about his negative things,” Thomasson said.
Pro-family Capitol Resource Institute spokeswoman Karen England, of Sacramento, Calif., agrees that most homosexual lobbying groups try to hide the truth about homosexuality.
“Oh, absolutely, they’re trying to hide the truth, especially in the schools. They’re completely intolerant of anyone with a viewpoint that isn’t pro homosexual,” England said.
“They don’t want the truth told about the lifestyle, about the unhealthiness of it. They continue to introduce bills that promote the lifestyle, especially Senate Bill 48 that forces schools to promote homosexual and transgendered figures and prohibits anyone talking about them in a way that affects them adversely,” England said.
“Statistical health information would reflect on them adversely because there are adverse health effects,” England said. “The movement in California has been to silence those that oppose the homosexual, transgendered lifestyle and to elevate it.”
Thomasson is asking California parents to take a stand against Harvey Milk Commemoration Day.
“We’re calling on California parents to wake up and realize that their kids will be sexually indoctrinated if left in the government schools,” Thomasson said. “Harvey Milk gay day on or about May 22 will force children at participating schools into undefined and unlimited quote, ‘commemorative exercises’ honoring this very bad man.”
He said: “He was a sexual predator of teens. He believed in sexual anarchy. He was a public liar and he denied any of the sexually transmitted diseases that would result from this behavior.”
Thomasson said Milk was an adversary of Christianity.
“He attacked religion. He was a very bad role model for children then and continues to be even in death,” Thomasson said.
England said her group is watching the schools and asks parents to do the same.
“We encourage parents who are in districts that celebrate Harvey Milk to find out what their schools are doing and either demand that their children be opted out of the events or to keep their children home from school that day,” England said.
“We also suggest they withhold any funds that would be used to fund those activities on that day,” England said.
England said there are plenty of reasons for parents to take these actions.
“If their children are going to be held captive to a social agenda, and the schools hide that social agenda, then the parents need to be more responsible and keep their kids home,” England said.
“We will continue to send out emails, and educating churches,” England said. “Just like for the Day of Silence, we gave them alternatives. We encouraged churches to have a Day of Service and they helped the kids go out and do service projects in the community.”
Thomasson emphasized that Harvey Milk is not a good role model for children, and the programs are designed to condition children to think positively about Milk’s activities.
“With Harvey Milk attacking marriage, family, morality, and God’s values, children as young as kindergarten will be taught to believe what Harvey Milk believed and what he stood for and even be taught to believe that what Harvey Milk did personally and publicly as something they might emulate,” Thomasson said.
“Harvey Milk stood for Gay Pride Parades. He marched in them. And the law calls for children to recognize the life and contribution of Harvey Milk. Honoring what he stood for means that anything he stood for is what the kids are taught to stand for,” Thomasson said.
“Potentially you can see Gay Pride Parades on campuses and mock gay weddings. You can see kids being taught that homosexuality is good and natural while it isn’t because there’s no ‘gay gene,’” Thomasson said. “Kids will not be taught about the sexually transmitted diseases that are spread by homosexuality.”
Thomasson said there are other things parents can do.
“So we’re calling on parents to visit SaveCalifornia.com and get informed and keep your child home from the government and get a taste of academic freedom and opt out of all eight of California’s homosexual indoctrination laws.” Thomasson said.
England also believes parents should have the final say in the children’s education, even if it involves homeschooling.
“This has been a fight in California every year. There have been attacks on parental rights and the ability of parents to privately make decisions about how they want to school their kids,” England said.
“We’re encouraging homeschool families to get involved with HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association),” England said.
Thomasson said there’s a serious trend towards homeschooling.
“Homeschooling is growing in popularity. More people are homeschooling all the time. The curriculum is better than ever and there is a greater need than ever for parents to have 100 percent academic freedom to implement their God-given right and obligation to raise and educate their children,” Thomasson said.

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