Communist Agitators at Work

(Warning, there is some harsh language) WORKERS WORLD PARTY is a RADICAL MARXIST GROUP that is largely responsible for this video.  These are not Constitutional Americans who are calling for a "better system".  This is CLEARLY NOT ABOUT TRAYVON MARTIN! 
In the video if you look closely, you will also see plenty of signs with a website for ""  If you click on their website and find their "fact" sheet you will see they are pushing for a new government program to the tune of billions of dollars.  So why are they talking about Trayvon Martin?  This is a marketing ploy for billions of dollars of more wasteful spending. 
Friends, do NOT BE DECEIVED.  W.E.


Communist agitators stir up racial and class hatred on the streets of New York.
Virtually everyone interviewed in this video is a member of the pro-Cuba/North Korea Workers World Party.

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