WARNING: If you are easily offended, this article may not be for you.  -W.E.


“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” -George Orwell

I doubt that many understand that this nation stands solely by the will and grace of the Sovereign God, each day is a gift and the seconds, minutes, and hours of every day come by His divine determination. We have not earned His grace, and neither are we intrinsically entitled to His blessings for a continued existence.

The truth is that the population of this nation is entirely bereft of any semblance of an obeisant relationship with Almighty God. A near totality now lack an ethical spiritual persuasion that enables one to discern or distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong, or between socially righteous and execrably putrid personal conduct.

Our society has descended into the Stygian depths of demonic doctrine. This disconnect from the God of creation has delivered the people unto a beastly nature; they are devoid of the constituents of human sensibility and rife with the stinking elements of a hellish nature. It is not difficult to discern that a size-able majority of the people who inhabit the far flung environs of this nation are children of darkness and possessed of the mind of Satan, the god of this world.

The stink of this nation has reached the heavens and God is about to pull a curtain of blackness over this land that will release the elements of destruction that are harbored in the immoral minds of a near totally perverted people.
Presently we are witnessing rapidly developing hostilities between ethnic groups divided on the basis of racial group or skin color. The present Faustian despot who now rules and reigns over the destiny of the peoples of this commonwealth is using the powers of the office of president to set aflame the smoldering prejudice of malleable anarchists’ in order to ignite roiling race wars that will collapse social order and bring this nation to its knees. This is his goal; to destroy national sovereignty and re-make the nation as a totalitarian socialist element of a centrally controlled one world homogeny; in other words a modern version of the Tower of Babel.

The established and unarguable fact is that both Barack Obama and his wife hate the United States and have never made a secret of their disdain of its history, its valor, or its constitutional values. 

They have stated their antipathy for the nation and all that it stands for on a number of occasions in a number of venues. The astonishing aspect of this is that the majority of the people of this nation voted for such a perverse foreign born nit having full knowledge of his contempt for their land and its historical values. This fact highlights two things; the sheer stupidity of the American electorate and the in your face audacity of the Obama clan.


This nation has been stood on its head for so long in regard to its system of principles and beliefs that the people have not the foggiest notion of the Biblical standards that the Almighty has set forth to establish human behavior. God’s laws are not taught in the churches or in the homes, and the nation’s systems of laws are predicated upon the myriad whims and caprices of unjust and unholy men rather than upon the divine and binding absolutes of the Holy God.
Righteous acts are punished and criminal behaves are justified and rewarded, the innocent are imprisoned while the guilty are exonerated and set free to continue their plundering and murderous ways. Millions of guiltless human babies are butchered in the name of personal choice and their remains are either cast off as garbage or mined for experimentation by a depraved scientific and ethically challenged biological community. I suspect that if one knew the extent of the experimentation with the bits and pieces of these poor little creatures it would turn the stomach.
Iniquitous acts and perversions are excused and socially instituted by a nationally embraced exculpation known as political correctness. It has become the tool used to sanction prurient practices and lifestyles and to remove the stigma from Biblically identified abominable perversions.
Just recently the progressive community has attempted to sanitize the filthy practice of sodomy by intimating that those in opposition to this aberrational and pestilential behavior are in fact closet sodomites who use their opposition as a form of concealment. It is an inauthentic psychological stretch by these imbeciles’, and the real psychology is the reverse of their progressive mythology.
Since sodomites are so inwardly ashamed of their perversion and have no adequate way to justify or vindicate their filthy behavior they must resort to a conjuration of the delusionary and fictional twaddle that others are as nasty as they. To make it simple they must attempt to smear healthy heterosexuals with their own excrement in order to assuage their feelings of guilt and self-loathing. You want psychology; there it is - the real truth!


George Patton is one of my hero’s he was an iconic politically incorrect, courageous, loquacious, outspoken, and perceptive son of a gun, and the most effective U.S. military commander to ever come down the pike. I respect him above most other historical figures and think of him as the Old Hickory of modern times; he and Andrew Jackson were much alike in deed and in spirit. This country would never have come to its former glory without men such as these.

There is not a single military high commander today (NONE) who could come close to Patton in principle or true integrity, they are all politically correct, butt kissing pukes who couldn’t stand in Patton’s shadow. He was a man’s man and one can imagine that he must be turning in his grave given queers in the military, women in combat, and the sundry other politically correct crap that the ignorant politicos’ and dimwitted military brass have instituted into the armed wonders why anyone would volunteer for any branch of the armed services in the current degraded environment.


I can’t imagine that anyone could be as sick and disgusted as I am with the current totally ignorant political scene and the seeming interminable political blather that assails the ears and eyes of a captive people every minute of every day. I can only liken it to an ache from a festering tooth; it will be a wonderful relief when it is over.
The arrogant Republicans who control the party apparatus have dictatorially secured the nomination for semi progressive Mitt Romney. He will be the nominee as these arrogant political kingmakers have structured the process to eliminate all others despite their popularity or constitutional expertise.
I hear the establishment Republicans complain that Ron Paul supporters are combative, rude and unsportsmanlike in regard to Romney’s candidacy; I believe that most do not really care about Romney one way or another. He harbors a non scrupulous core and is a capital investor who places money above principle. To make it worse he supports failed inherited political patterns over a retrieval of constitutional ensures. Scripture has a name for such; they are called money changers.
That he is a money changer cannot be denied, as he rolls in 27 million dollars each day from investments alone. He is of inherited wealth and in all probability hasn’t done an earnest day’s work in his entire life. His past political services have established him as a milk toast and a lickspittle who exhibits not one whit of a believable fighting spirit. He kisses progressive behinds in the name of compromise, and willingly barters away the essential non-negotiable constituents of constitutional governance.
In November these Republican dimwits and the media that aided them (I am thinking of Fox) are going to be stunned when Obama wins handily due to the huge number of voters who will spurn these Republican moguls, and their hand-picked candidate, and write in Ron Paul on their ballot. By their high handed tactics these nitwits have pissed into the wind the margin needed for a win.
This is no big deal as the country is treading the margins of collapse and destruction, and might as well go down with the present interloping idiot that the ignorant masses have clutched to their bosom.
One last thing in regard to Mitt Romney before I move along to other issues, he recently opined that God employed evolution to create mankind. By doing so he ignored God’s inspired word of Genesis 1:1-2:3 and thereby called God a liar. There is no room for evolutionists in my camp – this was again another cowardly double-sided attempt to appease believers while ingratiating himself with the secular evolutionists.
“Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?” (Psalm 139:21)
Periodically I receive letters suggesting that I must grieve in regard to the onrushing wrath of the Holy One upon the people of this nation. The cold hard fact is that unlike Jeremiah I do not weep when the iniquitous receive a just due. I have never shed a tear when a murderer is executed, I never agonize when a terrorist of any stripe, domestic or otherwise, is dropped in his tracks by a well placed bullet, and I never wring my hands when evil people reap the just results of their crimes.
Like Elijah, who shed no tears over the slain four hundred fifty false prophets of Baal, I am angered by those who deny, ridicule, slander, and blaspheme the Lord Jesus Christ.
In such an ungodly society as we presently live, my compassion is reserved for the unfortunate victims of the conscious less, and of the world’s oppressors and the criminally malfeasant.

I am a believer in Christ and a servant of the Most High Holy God. I am not in love with this country, nor do I worship or esteem any earthly entity whose governing authority has demonstrated that it is a proxy of the evil one. My home is not of this world…
This nation and this world is a temporary dwelling place. By all indications we are presently in the time of the terminal generation; those who love Christ will not be saddened, but overjoyed by such news. But, those who love this fallen world above the Lord will be irritated, offended, and possibly even outraged by my words; just as they are - in these critical days - offended by the Messiah and His ministry.

© 2012 - Jim R. Schwiesow - All Rights Reserved

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