How do you have a war, and tell your soldiers to not shoot the enemy? How do you have a war and tell your soldiers to "catch and release" your enemy? Here is another example of seeing Obama's true colors, and they are not red, white and blue. -W.E.


The Taliban has already been declared to be not the enemy, and Obama administration officials including Biden have talked about dealing with the "moderate Taliban," a concept the Taliban have derided. The Administration has no plan, no focus, no enemy in Afghanistan, and we're wasting lives and money being there. Obama even just promised Karzai that it would not carry out any more raids like the one that took out OBL. A bipartisan committee has found the Taliban stronger than ever. The administration is actively aiding the stealth jihad in legal cases at home and has effectively surrendered in Afghanistan. He hasn't just thrown in the towel on the war on terror -- for all intents and purposes, he has switched sides.

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