Occupy Movement Partners With Anarchy Movement

"Occupy" has been mainly an anarchist movement since the beginning, so a partnership with others involved with anarchy is a natural move.  From the outset, the OWS, which have been largely funded by far-left groups have had one agenda...complain about what others have and how they should have more of it- unless of course it is a Rap Artist or other millionaire that is left-wing. In the meantime they have trashed city streets and parks to the tune of millions of taxpayer dollars, harassed private citizens,used drugs publicly, raped and assaulted fellow occupiers, set fires, cost cities millions more in necessary policemen and firemen and been a general nuisance as they continue to espouse the lie that somehow this group represents 99% of Americans.  I have personally found  and blogged Craigslist advertising where this supposed "grassroots" movement has been hiring people at up to $12 per hour to join their movement.  The Democratic party and especially the Obama White House has jumped on the back of this "movement" and does not oppose their tactics or message, but agrees with it, and is using it for election steam, and other nefarious reasons that have been clearly documented. -W.E.


Occupy has partnered with an anarchy movement to plan joint chaotic actions aimed at protesting capitalism.

Last weekend, Occupy D.C. and an anti-capitalist group calling itself the Anarchist Alliance D.C. Network caused a ruckus at an International Monetary Fund convention. Protesters reportedly attached climbing ropes to security barricades outside the main IMF entry checkpoint and pulled the down barricades. Other ropes were used to pull down obstacles along the path delegates used to attend the meetings.
Some protesters stormed several hotels where IMF delegates were staying, including the Washington Circle Hotel and the Mayflower.
A Facebook “anarchy” page was created in the run-up to the IMF event. The page, titled “Anarchy Spring training and IMF protest in DC-April 19th to 20th-2012,” served as an online planning forum.
The Occupy Wall Street website initiated a subsection entitled “anarchy” in which related events are posted.
The site boasts of a Manhattan protest earlier this month, following an anarchy book fair, in which agitators marched through the streets turning over trash cans and spraying anarchy symbols on local businesses. Protesters reportedly used eight-foot-long metal pipes to smash the windows of a Starbucks in New York’s East Village.
One group, calling itself the First of May Anarchist Alliance, has partnered with Occupy to protest the Trayvon Martin shooting.
The anarchy tactics apparently come directly from the playbook of a direct-action organization known as the Ruckus Society, which helped to spark the 1999 World Trade Organization protests in Seattle that turned violent.
Ruckus is directly tied to Occupy. WND previously reported how official direct-action training resources for Occupy events include several manuals from the Ruckus Society.
Ruckus was also listed as a “friend and partner” of Occupy events, including the movement’s Days of Action held in October 2011.
Ruckus is funded by the George Soros-financed Tides Center, which has been involved in Occupy since the movement’s onset.
Another grantee of Tides is the Adbusters magazine, which first announced the Occupy movement. MoveOn.org, which has joined Occupy, is funded by Tides.

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