Obama Ally (and Communist Leader) William McNary at Recall Walker Rally: "Knuckle Up!"

More Communist lies from a friend of Obama's who calls himself a "Aggressive Progressive"- W.E.


WHO IS WILLIAM McNary? Keywiki

Communist Party Connections
William McMary, 28th Communist Party USA Convention, Chicago 2005

William McNary has close ties to the Communist Party USA.

McNary wrote an article opposing drug company profiteering for the February 16 2002 edition of the Communist Party USA newspaper Peoples Weekly World.

Every year the Illinois branch of the Communist Party USA hosts a banquet to raise funds for the party paper.[8]

Honoring legendary fighters for social justice, the annual Illinois People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo banquet raised $6,100 for the 2002 Fund Drive here Oct. 20. William McNary, president of USAction and veteran of countless successful union and community battles, gave the keynote address. In his speech McNary told of his own personal tragedies, from which he has found the strength to fight until social justice is won, and gave a call to all present, “We must be in it to win it.”

Also in October 2002, McNary was interviewed in Peoples Weekly World.

No matter the issue, if it affects working people, William McNary, president of USAction, is there, fighting the good fight for social and health security, quality public schools and against the right-wing agenda.

“That’s a big order but it can be won with leadership and organization. If we had elected leaders who would stand as firmly for these issues as others stand for Wall Street, we’d be well on the road to winning them,” he said in a recent interview. “If we are to win these things we must build political power at the grass roots,”

In July 2005 William McNary was a keynote speaker at the Communist Party USA National Convention in Chicago. Of the fifteen speakers and panellists listed, only McNary and James Thindwa were not confirmed Communist Party members[9]. 


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