VIDEO: Pamela Geller Speaks to 1,800 At Faith Bible Church, Denver

When you have down time, please make time, to spend 40 minutes getting very inspired and informed on the Jihad happening around the world, but more importantly, here in the United States.  Then share it with your friends and family.  If you aren't familiar with Pam are in for a treat. -W.E

Atlas Shrugs
" Let me thank Faith Bible Church for being so righteous and so good in giving us this space, it is courageous and it is courageous of you to be here and courageous for you to join me because, truth is the new hate speech. Truth is increasingly controversial. Truth is under attack. We are at war, make no mistake about it.  It is an insidious war, it is on a number of fronts"- Pam Geller

Here is the video of one of my speech at Faith Bible Church in Colorado last week. Robert Spencer and I spoke last Thursday in Denver to a crowd of over 1,800 (above) and on Friday to a standing room only crowd in Colorado Springs. The crowds were passionate and proud Americans. Many came for knowledge. Most left as activists. Rousing. Watch it. Robert Spencer's speech is here.

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