VIDEO: How Much Does Our country Have In Oil Reserves?

The answer to the headline in reality is in the neighborhood of a TRILLION BARRELS!
Obama and his regime don't care what lies they tell, most of the MSM won't fact check them. Kudo's too FOX on this one.  Does anyone remember what the media was saying during the Bush years when gas hit $3 per gallon? It was like the world was coming to and end and it was all because Bush was in bed with the oil companies, leading us to believe he was lining his own pockets. Now we are on our way to $5 gas and the media goes along with Obama's rhetoric.  Anyone surprised? I didn't think so, as most of you reading this have vetted the media along time ago and realized that it is no coincidence that 90% of them vote Liberal.  That my friends, doesn't happen by accident.  -W.E.   


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