In Obama’s Amerika:


  • Working for the state is more important than entrepreneurship.
  • Living off of the taxpayer is morally superior to working at a job.
  • Being a member of OWS and demanding free everything is the equivalent of the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Lying about the unemployment statistics and having the media cover for your lies is the new definition of transparency in government.
  • Taking away the Constitutional rights of Americans is the new law of the land.
  • Americans understand that higher fuel prices are a necessity  as a result of your lies about increased drilling and pouring taxpayer money into failed green companies
  • Continuing our involvement in Afghanistan while hamstringing our troops with no clear strategy for victory is the new national defense policy.
  • Bowing and apologizing to our enemies has redefined our foreign policy.
  • Obamacare with its high cost($1.7 Trillion), rationing and death panels is preferable to freedom in choosing our healthcare.
  • Homosexuality and gay marriage has replaced morality and traditional relationships.
  • Liberalism is the new national policy and Washington D.C. is it’s headquarters.
  • Islam is new national religion, Christians are persecuted, Christianity is outlawed and muslims are the enforcers.
  • Millionaires are criminals, are not subject to due process and are hunted down by the OWS.
  • Freedom of speech has been labeled hate speech. Conservative talk radio has been outlawed and all Conservative literature has been burned and authors imprisoned.
  • Liberal doctrine is required in all schools, colleges, universities and businesses.
  • America has gone from a Republic to a second-rate Totalitarian regime which has robbed us our freedoms, collapsed our economy, made our money worthless and killed any chance of returning to prosperity.

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