Hollywood Producer : Bill Clinton Directly Told Me Barack Obama Not Eligible


Bettina Viviano, Executive Producer of Adam Sandler's 'Jack and Jill' Movie: Bill Clinton Directly Told Me Obama Not Eligible to be President; 2008 and 2012 Election Fraud; Bill Ayers; Gloria Allred; Black Panthers; Acorn

Politijim has an extensive article based on the interview with Bettina Viviano titled: Did Obama Assassinate Clinton Delegates?

Red, Right and Blue Radio Show (full audio below)
with Rick Bulow and Harriet Baldwin

Minute - Mark Conversation Subject
17:00 - 1st Portion with Bettina Viviano. How she came to become involved, overview of all complaints.
20:39 - Accuses Pelosi, Dean, Reid of committing the fraud
21:00 - California withheld vote because they were going to stand for Hillary despite railroading
22:00 - Claims Democrats would drive through skid row and pay them to vote with liquor and booze as well as getting Alzheimer's patients to vote.
23:30 - Has seen the New Black Panther party HQ in Houston to plan to steal election.
53:00 - Women from Trinity United Church who knows Obama well, witnessed intimidation similar to Philadelphia Black Panther incident.
55:30 - Bettina’s partner may be intimidated by threats.
56:45 - 21 year old Black Delegated Threatened With Murder
57:15 - Obama campaigns for Islamist, Terrorist Cousin in Kenya (Odinga)
1:00:15 - The ORIGINAL BIRTHERS were Bill & Hillary Clinton. Bettina heard it DIRECTLY out of their mouths.
1:01:42 - She has personal knowledge Hillary made a deal the night before she stepped down. Her friends said the Obama and Clinton camps were yelling and screaming at each other for 3 days in the ugliest exhibition of politics they’d ever seen.
1:02:00 - She claims it was widely known at the time that John McCain was not qualified as a natural born citizen either. Link
1:04:00 - From a top Democrat Party leader: George Soros had meetings with both Barack and Hillary telling them his agenda was to tear this country to the ground. Obama reportedly said “no problem.”
1:12:24 - She was at the caucus for Rick Perry in Iowa and at one, 99% of the votes were for Ron Paul and they were all Democrats.
1:43:15 - She “knows for a fact” they threatened to kill Bill Clinton and did kill his friend, Bill Gwaltney.
1:44:30 - I heard it out of Bill Clinton’s mouth that Obama wasn’t legitimate.

-ARTICLE II ELIGIBILITY FACTS HERE: http://www.art2superpac.com/issues.html

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