America Divided



I believe that we are living in a divided nation and this division is creating stress on everyone, as what was once common decency and mutual respect for differing opinions, has become a mud-slinging, gutter sniping, public evisceration of “gotcha” politics.  The latest casualty  is Rush Limbaugh, whose remarks have set off a fire storm on the left, calling for Limbaugh’s sponsors to drop him.  Radio campaign next step against Rush Limbaugh – Washington Times

It’s interesting how the left ignores the inflammatory comments of Bill Maher who called Sarah Palin the “c” word.  Somehow he gets a pass and his remarks have faded into yesterday’s news cycle, while the firestorm surrounding Limbaugh continues.

The current melee is a microcosm of  how divided we are.  There is a deep ideological divide in this country and I believe it falls along those who profess to be Christians and hold to a “Judeo/Christian” world view, and those  who do not.  I may be painting with a broad  brush here, but let me explain.   There are those who are traditionalist, who hold to the values of self-reliance, the sanctity of life, who cling to our right to bear arms and hold our Bibles as the ultimate authority, and who believe in moral absolutes.  Then there are those who are progressives and uphold moral relativism, abortion on demand, and the belief that there are no absolutes.  We may be equally divided in this country, with the population split evenly along these ideological lines.
I would venture that we have not seen this divisiveness since the Civil War.   We see throngs of young people gathering in the cities across our nation, protesting the establishment, in the Occupy movement, but they offer little in the way of solution, other than a Marxists state, which we know from history does not, and will not, ever create a utopian society.   We see women demanding the right to kill their unborn children on demand.  We see our youth piercing, tattooing, and branding their bodies to set them apart from their parents and the establishment.   Class warfare has flared up, as it seems to be a crime to succeed in this country and if you do the government is demanding even more of your money.  Gun sales have reached record highs as fears of a coming economic collapse continue to grow.

In closing todays post:  I would suggest that lawlessness and the ideology of, do what thou will, has crept in like an unwanted cancer and has reached every corner of our country.   If there is no God, then there is nothing to fear in the way of judgement, so we can do whatever we like.  If  Christianity is nothing more than superstition, as some believe, then those of us who hold to our Christian values are scoffed at as neanderthals.  I recall a scripture that says, where is the promise of His coming,  for all things continue just like before?   I believe that we are headed toward a historic climax when we will see whose position is the correct one.  For those of us who know Biblical prophecy, we look at what is going on and wonder, how can it continue before He comes with the armies of heaven to do away with the evil system that has enslaved men and women for millennia and left millions of lives taken before their time.  Divided we are…