Unsupportable Mitt Romney’s Deceit Caught on Video & Documented


How can this man call himself a “conservative?”
How can we possibly trust him with the presidency?
After what we have already been experiencing…

…how could we stand a perpetuation of the capture of the White House by the globalist bankster, state-capitalist complex?
…how could we endorse a man who like Obama forced Christian hospitals to issue the abortion drug, who allowed Planned Parenthood to be written by name into RomneyCare, who mandated same sex marriage in Massachusetts, and who remains publicly committed to the radical, homosexual political agenda, to the dissolution of our society’s fundamental building blocks of ontologically sane marriage and family?
…how could we vote for either Obama or the other side of the coin, Romney, in November?*
…how could we violate our own consciences,  by voting for a Quisling, one who sides with our pitched enemy?*

“He can argue any side of a question. And sometimes you think he’s really believing his argument,
but he’s not.”
– Ann Romney (quotation as yet incompletely verified)

* Romney is aggressively compliant with Agenda 21, Millennium Goals, which destroys American sovereignty, the very foundation for our freedoms and which establishes unelected regional governance in America, soviet-style, instructed by one-world mandates. That is all we should need to know.

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