The Left's Heart of Darkness -Colmes Mocks Death of Santorum's Baby

What the left really wants is to see these babies aborted, then they can cheer and talk about how "brave" the mothers are.  Disgusting.  This is what must change in America...the culture of death that comes from the kingdom of darkness.-W.E.

Enter Stage Right

On January 2nd, Alan Colmes on Fox News mocked Rick Santorum for bringing their critically ill newborn son, Gabriel, into the world and then bringing him home.  Gabriel died 16 years ago and Karen Santorum wrote a heart-rending book, Letters to Gabriel, which describes how the couple dealt with the grief of his death.  Mother Teresa wrote the Forward for the book.

Although Colmes has quickly retreated from those remarks, his crudeness shows how the Left really thinks.  When Sarah Palin brings Trig, a child with Downs Syndrome, into the world and he is cherished and loved, the Left spins its head – why not just waste the kid before he was born? – This mockery did not end with the 2008 campaign:  Family Guy in 2010 made fun of Trig and in April another Leftist goon mocked the young child on his third birthday.  The Left's Heart of Darkness is so dreadful that appalling bile seems normal to its minions until normal, moral people object.
Less noticed in the Fox News interview is Colmes statement that Santorum is also crazy because he thinks that consensual sex between unmarried people was wrong.  What offends Colmes and the Left is adherence to the traditional moral values of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and most of the world's historic metaphysical value systems.  Santorum has not said that fornication is as great a sin as adultery, but he believes that sex should be confined within a marriage. 
Does the Left grasp just how much human misery it has caused by promoting the chic fashion that promiscuity has caused?   Do its disciples not grasp the horrors of the sexual revolution, the millions of abortions, huge chunks of America's babies born out of wedlock, a huge rise in sexually transmitted diseases and a general collapse in the nuclear family?  Do people like Alan Colmes really believe that thoughtful politicians should speak in favor of sexual promiscuity?
How high does our rate of teenage suicide have to go before Leftists like Colmes grasp that the values which most Americans have historically held are not ignorant but rather wise and that the grotesque experiment of sexual wantonness?  Many of our teenagers are drowning in drugs and booze.  Their media idols lead horrific lives which often end in early death.  How splintered and lonely, how atomized and pathetic do the lives of tens of millions of our countrymen have to become before we grasp that rejecting moral values has grave personal consequences. 
Is it not clear that we can't go on like this?  All we love, all we cherish, all we hope for is spiraling down a long snaky drain into the Leftist Heart of Darkness.  The planned economy, the planned social life built upon the precepts of scientific materialism, the Brave New World of people like Alan Colmes, fits together in a single awful theme:  we, the Left that is, have supplanted God and all the outdated values He prescribed at Sinai, in Galilee, and throughout the Judeo-Christian world. 
Reality, viewed through the long death march of Leftism in practice over the last 50 years, shows that transcendent moral principles cannot be trumped by our imagined cleverness.  Instead of making Heaven we have opened new doors of Hell.  Conservatives sometimes get too distracted by dollars and deficits and debt.  These matter, of course:  they matter a great deal in political life.  But the deconstruction of the American economy is a consequence, not a cause, of our fundamental problem, which is moral.
The road back requires first of all that politicians who are asked to cure social problems be allowed to tell the truth about why these problems exist.  The values given us from above are beyond the reach of Leftist pigmies, and the laws prescribed for us by God have definite and absolute consequences which ripple throughout our lives and those we touch. 
Most of us secretly know that the hedonistic and atheistic system foisted upon our culture by Leftist bosses is a suicide pill.  Let us hope – better, let us pray – that those men and women who carry the banner of conservatism into political combat have the courage to speak that too often unspoken truth.  ESR
Bruce Walker is the author of book Poor Lenin's Almanac: Perverse Leftists Proverbs for Modern Life.

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