The Impact Zone!

L.A. Marzulli

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The above map, while not up to date, gives the layman an overview about what I would call, the impact zone.  This is Middle East War, 101. 

Israel is surrounded by hostile Moslem nations that seek her destruction.  The war drums are beating, the troops are moving into position and the impact zone is Israel.
This week Israeli’s and “Palestinians” – there is no such thing as a Palestinian by the way – will meet in Jordan with King Abdullah of Jordan,  presiding over the “festivities.”  I find it revealing that the meeting is with the King and I have pointed out what I believe will be the end game in the Middle East. That after the coming war, the King will give Jordan to the Palestinians to create the long sought after Palestinian homeland.  He will be heralded as the greatest peace maker in history.  Watch what happens this week as the talks collapse and the drums of war continue to beat louder.
I blogged about the Straights of Hormuz being the only offensive military option for Iran and just a few days ago Iran ended war games to close Hormuz should they be sanctioned or attacked.  This is a very real threat and the Iranians will do their best to accomplish this should they be attacked.   This will drive oil prices well above $300 a barrel.  Another area to keep an eye on is the Gate of Tears, which another 30 to 40 %  of the world’s oil flows through.  The Iranians have cells in Yemen and I believe it will be a two-step attack should war erupt.  They will close both oil check points.
Meanwhile,  HAMAS has thousands of missiles and some newly acquired arms from “liberated” Libya.  These are stinger missiles which are hand-held and can bring down helicopters.  They were first deployed by the Mujahedeen during the Soviet conflict in Afghanistan.
In the north. Hezbollah has perhaps as many as 100,000 missiles pointed at Israel, and Syria has chemical weapons that are ready to be fired against her too.
Israel is surrounded on all sides by countries that threaten her existentially.  Make no mistake about this, the goal of the Arab/Moslem nations that surround her want to annihilate every last Jew in the country.  War is coming and we need to brace ourselves for it.  While I believe in the Rapture of the church, I find it incredulous that some  teachers/pastors are telling their people not to worry because we’re going to get beamed out of here.  I find this alarming and would point to WWII and the Jews who saw what was coming and left Nazi Germany before the Holocaust began.  I would also point out that WWII killed 50 million people and there was no second coming.
In closing today’s Post:  There is no sin in stock piling food and water and resources and to prepare for what I see as game changer when the Middle East war erupts.  While the most important step we can take is to know Him, the one who gives us eternal life and who died for us 2000 years ago,  we should be prepared to meet the future.  War is coming and the Middle East is the impact zone….


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