Exclusive: Alan Keyes on How 'Elitist Dictatorship' Controls Ballot Access


The elite manipulators of the party system select (or co-opt) leaders for these groups, then play them off against one another. Much like the owners of a rigged casino, they allow each group to see itself as the victor just often enough to sustain the false hope that keeps them on the premises. But they never allow any group or combination of groups to score wins that give them sufficient chips to challenge or interfere with the elite’s exclusive control of the house. (“The 2-party system: Like a rigged casino”)
This week’s the Iowa caucuses formally kicked off the voting phase of the sham process that will eventually reveal the elite faction’s presidential nominees for the Democratic and Republican parties. Thanks to their continual assault on the moral and material strength of the nation, disaffection with both these parties is at an all-time high. A majority of voters realize that neither wing of the elitist faction represents them. If, as James Madison suggested, republican government requires true representation of the people, reformation of America’s political process (a realignment like the one that produced the Republican Party in the decade before the American Civil War) is long overdue.

But the entrenched, self-worshipping elitists who control the twin-party sham mean to replace constitutional self-government with dictatorship by the elite. So in their game plan, the aim of the political process is to keep up the pacifying appearance of representative government as a mask for the implementation of elitist dictatorship. To achieve this goal, they must lure enough voters into the stock pens of partisan allegiance to maintain the façade of choice in the next general election. As usual the pretense will be that voters have two main choices, emanating from purportedly opposing parties. But in fact the function of both parties is to make sure that both candidates have proven their allegiance to the elitist faction’s dictatorial agenda.
Contrary to this agenda, the Iowa caucuses were once an authentic opportunity for grass-roots voters to demonstrate their political initiative. There was no formal ballot-access requirement, and therefore the ballot-access process could not be manipulated to restrict the choices available. People came to the caucus meetings. They voted for whomever they wished. The votes were sorted, counted and made known. By laboriously reaching out to voters on an individual basis, a candidate who became well and favorably known to enough of them could literally “come out of nowhere” to garner the most caucus votes.
By the time I first ran for president in 1996, the GOP wing of the elitist faction was already implementing a strategy intended to make it harder for surprising results (like George McGovern’s unexpected showing in the Democratic Party caucuses in 1972) to occur. Since ballot access couldn’t be used to restrict choice in the caucuses, they fabricated a meta-process more dependent on access to big money and so-called “mainstream” media, which the elitists control. Thus on the Republican side, media attention focused on a “straw poll” media event. Its results depended on getting people to gather for a political purpose during what was normally the off-season for politics in Iowa. Candidates favored by elite money and media circles were then positioned artificially to skew the straw poll by using these elite favors to inflate attendance at this media event, detracting in advance of the actual caucus vote from any campaign that depended instead on engaging and motivating individual voters. If such a grass-roots campaign made strong showing in the actual caucuses, this set the stage for acting as if such a good result “didn’t matter.”
In the 2000 election cycle, this elitist approach was effectively implemented to neutralize results that reflected efforts not initiated and/or sanctioned by the elitist faction. Though before (and since) observers have agreed that the three top finishers in the caucuses go on to New Hampshire’s “first in the nation” primary with enhanced credibility, in the 2000 cycle, the performance of one of the caucuses top three finishers was virtually erased from public consciousness (as some Republican hacks arrogantly suggested Ron Paul’s performance should be this time around.)
Since the candidate in question was a black American, some might be inclined to conclude that this discrimination occurred because the GOP wing of the elite faction was unwilling to let Americans see how far their nation had already surpassed the racial bigotry that had sullied its past history. But I think that it probably had more to do with the fact that the black American in question spoke to and for God-revering Americans anxious to restore respect for the essential premise of America’s founding. He consistently emphasized that rights and the just powers of government have been provisioned by the intelligent superintending authority of the Creator, and not by some fortuitously evolving distribution of superior attributes that accidentally empowers the whims of self-worshipping elites.
This explicit reliance upon America’s foundational acknowledgment of God’s authority was and remains anathema to the self-aggrandizing elites. They have devised the current sham political process in order permanently to entrench a self-serving stranglehold on the life of the American people. In recent years, their open looting of the income of the American people, including the good faith and credit built up over generations, has alerted many Americans to the true nature and destructive intent of that political sham. These Americans are not only inclined to reject this or that candidate put forward in the elite faction’s bogus party competition; they are restlessly searching to find some way to move beyond the delusion of choice it offers.
Tragically, however, all too many of these rightly disaffected friends of liberty continue to beguile themselves with the hallucination of a Republican Party that magically ceases to act as the treacherous android of self-idolizing elitist tyranny. Though the record of the GOP leadership is an ongoing procession of cowardly, mincing retreats and broken promises, these credulous voters persist in the pitiful expectation that the Republican Party suddenly will morph into a vehicle for restoring authentic constitutional liberty. Sadly for them, the jack-in-the-box smorgasbord set out in the GOP’s sham selection process has but one aim- to gull grass-roots voters who are sick of elitist betrayal into staying in the elitist faction’s rigged political casino for just one more spin of the wheel.
All the GOP candidates touted in the so-called “mainstream” media are just so many Judas goats tricked out to serve this purpose. Therefore, every turn of the GOP’s tricky political pantomime comes down to the hard fact that the elitist faction will validate no competitor in the election process who has not already “made his/her bones” by demonstrating, in some way, a willingness to advance the agenda of elite dictatorship. They do so, for example, by themselves abandoning the God-dependent understanding of justice and political life set forth in America’s Declaration of Independence (as Mitt Romney and Ron Paul do); or by legitimizing and supporting pro-”abortion rights” RINOs who advocate for that abandonment (as Rick Santorum and Rick Perry have done.)
On my blog this week I posted an article in which I examine this hard fact in more detail, with special attention to the supposedly exceptional candidacies of Ron Paul and Rick Santorum. I reasonably demonstrate that these purported exceptions decisively prove it to be true. Well-meaning republicans (note the small “r”) who are still inclined to remain in the elitists’ partisan stock pens may find in the demonstration reason to rethink what they are doing.

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