The Dark Cloud That Hangs Over Our Country

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 I liked this article, and I thought the writer(Tom in NC) nailed it...until the end, but I have been there too.  For a long time I also put my hope in a man to save our country. I thought if we could just get the right conservative...all will be well.  Unfortunately, that is a false assumption. Our problems are first moral. The total decay we see is from within, from hearts that have been darkened by sin...that is still the worlds problem, and the answer is still a man, the God-man, Jesus Christ, and He is our only hope.  Please consider Him.

Lately I have felt depressed, irritable and basically like a dark cloud has been hanging over me. 

When I was driving home the other day after work I realized it’s not just me and it didn’t just start recently, I believe there has been a dark cloud over the entire country since 9/11/2001. Not the type that blotted out the sun on that fateful day, but a feeling of evil that reared its ugly head and has been present ever since. 

There have been a few bright spots since then, the patriotism and selflessness immediately afterwards, but it wasn’t long before the nut jobs and their willing accomplices in the media were blaming everyone except the perpetrators of the attack. Most recently, liberals are trying to pitch the idea of embracing Islam; more mosques should be built, allow sharia law, turn our backs on Israel, etc.

How do we go from mourning the death of over 3000 of our citizens by radical muslims to embracing a cult that preaches death to America and death to non-believers. Evil has truly settled over our nation, and three years ago evil took up residency in the White House in the form of Barack Obama, a non-qualified radical socialist with ties to domestic terrorists, a racist hate spewing pastor and the corrupt criminal Chicago  political machine. And we can only guess at most of Obama’s background dating back to his college and university days since those records have been sealed.

Since his inauguration our country declined substantially on all fronts, everything he has done has been to the detriment of our nation. He is a criminal that has violated the constitution on several occasion, and what’s even more alarming is that congress is not holding him accountable, they are turning a blind eye to his crimes; Solyndra, Fast and Furious, recess appointments when congress is not in recess are just a few of the crimes and scandals this president and his administration are directly linked to.

With the election later this year I don’t really see a candidate on our side that is any better than McCain was in 2008, they are just saying what they think we want to hear and  backbiting each other instead of taking the fight to the real enemy, Barack Obama. I fear that even if one of them did win in November it would not be much different than if Obama won.

I guess I’m just really disappointed that the real conservatives like Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan and Sarah Palin would not run for one reason or another. If I could talk to them I would say that any reasons they have are not good enough, their country needs them, we are in a crisis that could mean the end of our Republic and could cause the loss of our freedom, liberty  and ultimately our very lives.

As long as Obama is in office or if a RINO like any of the current candidates are win in November, then this dark, evil cloud will never dissipate. Until we see the light and put our petty differences behind us as Consevative/Republicans and quit settling for mediocre candidates, things will never change.

~Tom in NC

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