'Big Brother' Has Eyes All Over Phoenix


The subjugation of our society is all around us. It's not just in the laws that we are passing, or the media and government who tries to control our speech through political correctness, or the United Nations "Agenda 21" that has been and is being implemented in our cities and rural communities as we become lab rats in a cultural maze. It's not just in the pop culture with all of its subliminal messages, and outright vulgarities, nor is it only the government schools that dumb us down so we don't learn to think critically or have an accurate view of our past. It isn't even just the foreigners that have infiltrated and stolen our treasure and our secrets.   
It is also the eyes that are always spying, watching, tracking, making notes. It is Google, Facebook, Yahoo, CCTV and face recognition software. It is the creeping Police State, and it is upon us. 
 - W.E.

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