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“College professors have felt the heat of this repressive new order;

researchers and scientists have encountered its ire; ministers

have found themselves muzzled; teachers have been intimidated;

employees have lost their jobs; even parents have been told that

they cannot exercise their rights. Queer has become something to fear,

and gay is beginning to rule the day.”

- Dr. Michael L. Brown “A Queer Thing Happened to America”
(from the chapter “Big Brother is Watching, and He Really is Gay”) Link

I started to write an article about the banning of Bibles at the Walter Reed (“Wally World”) military hospital the other day, but I was concerned that it would end up sounding like an off-the-leash rant by the late comedian Sam Kinison. Although righteous anger is certainly apropos given the nature of the insult, clear-eyed resolve will be more effective in the long run. (Note: the “old” Walter Reed has moved shop, and is now known as Walter Reed at Bethesda). Link

The news about the banning of the Bible at Walter Reed followed closely on the heels of the announcement that the US Senate had voted to repeal the ban on sodomy and bestiality in the US military. Link

Which left me to wonder exactly how traitorous is the US military High Command these days — are most of them quislings, or is it still a minority?

It is no secret that many of our bravest and best fighting men and women have left the service in frustration and disgust. What have they left behind — who have they left behind? Bureaucratic paper pushers, or something more sinister and dangerous? What kind of patriot warriors are our military academies turning out these days? Who is running the show, and what sort of show is it? Link

General George W. Casey, Jr.

I recently had reason to send someone a copy of an old article of mine in which I wrote “when you’re sworn to defend your country, and you see your country sliding down the tubes, what’re you supposed to do — salute while it sinks?” The person that I sent the article to (a former Army SF operative) wrote back that he was afraid that the US military was indeed doing exactly that — saluting while America sinks. Nice send-off at least, right troops? Link

As they are symbolic of the type of “heroes” we have leading our military these days let me briefly discuss two individuals: First, Gen. George Casey who was the Army Chief of Staff at the time of the Ft. Hood shootings, was more concerned about the safety of political correctness than the safety of his troops. You perhaps recall his words at the time: “As horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.” That’s worse. Link

First of all, it was not simply a tragedy. It was a vicious terrorist attack by a Muslim who murdered 14 defenseless people in cold blood (if you count Francheska Velez’s unborn child, as we should), and injured 30 others. The Muslim, Maj. Nidal Hasan, had no legitimate reason to be in the US Army, after he had exhibited a plethora of warning signs indicating his disturbed mental state prior to the shooting — signs that were ignored because of the asinine politically correct rules instituted by morons like Casey in the first place. Secondly, abstract doctrines like “diversity” do not become casualties — people do. Casey can take his diversity and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. The US military needs leaders, not arrogant idiots who do not know the difference between protecting the troops and politically correct butt-kissing. Link

Admiral Michael Mullen

Next let us turn to Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who has been a driving force behind arm-twisting the US military into embracing homosexuality. He must have been positively ecstatic when the Senate repealed the ban on butt f–king and screwing animals. Link

Actually, forget Mullen, let’s discuss homosexuality itself. Let me say up front that while some people might think that I hate homosexuals, that simply is not the case. I take people as they come, and if they are decent and respectful to me I generally treat them the same — the exception being people that I know are vile scumbags behind a veneer of polite sophistication. I do not hate homosexuals, but I detest having our military and culture force-fed homosexual behavior as being on a par with heterosexual behavior– it is not.

Rather than explain how unhealthy and life-shortening the homosexual lifestyle is, or how socially destructive it is, or go into how it has been slyly inserted into the American culture (talk about stealth jihad), I would like to take this opportunity to focus on two important issues — one I have written about before, and the other I have not. Link Link Link

The first topic I’ll discuss (the one I have written about previously) is the importance of being aware that the majority of homosexuals do not normally act gay — by which I mean effeminate. The “stealth jihad” waged by the militant homosexual clique has promoted the falsehood that homosexuals are by and large unmanly — such is not the case, not at all. Most homosexuals are, if anything, hyper-masculine. Link

You would be making a grave mistake to remain unaware of the machismo and arrogant attitude at the core of many of the militant homosexuals. Far from being effeminate, soft, or weak; they are often arrogant, strong, and ruthless. There are any number of homosexuals who would laugh at the idea of backing away from a fight — they would just as soon tear your head off and s–t in the hole. An example would be the late Ernest Röhm, the scar-faced thug in charge of Hitler’s brown shirts (although it is well to keep in mind that a number of militant homosexuals would consider such a man to be a déclassé Neanderthal). Link

So I would never accuse homosexuals as a whole of lacking strength, stamina, courage, or any of the other qualities one might look for in a military operative. They can and have served honorably in the past, and no doubt will in the future. My problem — and it is a big one — is with the military being forced to swallow the lie that homosexuality is essentially no different from heterosexuality, and that embracing it will not hamper the military’s effectiveness at all. Oh really? I would love to discuss the topic at length, but it would unfortunately lead us too far afield at present — some other time, with pleasure. Link

There are a number of very serious issues that arise from such misguided, short-sighted, and ultimately destructive missteps by the Pentagon and Congress. A couple of the more obvious pitfalls were mentioned above. The mental and emotional quirks alone would fill volumes (it is not by happenchance that one of the first professional areas to be targeted, infiltrated, and subverted by militant homosexuals was the mental-health field). Due diligence was not performed before DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) was repealed during the lame-duck session of the 111th Congress — or if it was performed, it was suppressed. Link

This leads me to the second topic that I wish to focus on: the minority within the minority — pedophiles and pederasts. A pederast is of course an adult homosexual who preys on young boys (a “chicken-hawk”), and pedophilia is an umbrella term that can signify sexual exploitation of either young boys or girls. Link

Alfred Kinsey, Indiana University

These practices are some of the few taboos left in our society, but their illegality and social stigma has been under long-term attack by their proponents. Thanks to homosexual/liberal icons such as John Maynard Keynes and Dr. Alfred Kinsey, America now has abominations like the pederasty at Penn State, and the recent revelations about pandemic pedophilia in Hollyweird. Link Link

Why do I bring this up? It is not because that in any way I accuse the homosexual community as a whole of practicing pederasty and/or pedophilia — they do not, and I do not wish to imply that they do. There is, however, a significant minority who do practice and promote pederasty and pedophilia (there is some confusion on the terminology here because homosexual pederasts are often classified as pedophiles), and this vile bunch has power and influence way out of proportion to their numbers. They have for many years (centuries in some cases) made it their business to infiltrate and take over positions of power and authority. Link

This powerful and influential cabal of perverts is at the heart of the subtle, slow, steady seduction of America’s culture. You had better believe that there are some powerful “movers and shakers” involved. The “if it feels good do it” philosophy of polymorphous perversity is essentially a codification of the homosexual lifestyle — and starting under the auspices of child abuser Alfred Kinsey it has wormed its way into the American psyche. Link

Where does such depravity end? It does not — there is no end to the debauched chaos of polymorphous perversity. There is no bottom to that particular abyss. The perverted movers and shakers who saw to it that the US Senate repealed the ban on bestiality, are the same ones who saw to it that DADT was repealed, and who applaud the “strange beauty” of the movie “Zoo,” which depicts the true story of a man in Oregon who was f–ked to death by a horse in 2005 — but it was “consensual” sex, so it was okay (unfortunate, but okay). Kenneth Turan of the “LA Times” called the movie “Elegantly made and eerily lyrical.” Sure it is. (That is not to imply anything about Mr. Turan. He may a man among men and the salt of the earth as far as I know — I know nothing about him). Link Link

It is nice to know that the US Senate gave such a big thumbs up to endorsing similar behavior for our men and women in uniform. Is this a great country or what? And we wonder why much of the Muslim world sees America as a degenerate, depraved and corrupt cesspool. It is a win/win situation for Far Left atheists — they destroy America’s moral standards, and then turn to their Islamist buddies and whisper “Look, look how bad they are.” Link

Speaking of Far Left atheists; while researching the many troubles America faces and the history behind them, I came to the conclusion some time ago that the militant homosexual agenda and the Far Left agenda are virtually identical. (Again, I am not speaking of homosexuals as a whole, but the relatively small subset that is behind much of the cultural chaos we see around us. I am discussing a very specific type of homosexual — not homosexuals in general). Link

I have no time to do justice to the topic here, and I hope that the reader will do some investigating of their own. I should underline the fact that I have been dealing with a general “rule of thumb,” and that there are of course, exceptions to the rule. In addition, it is of some importance to take note of the fact that the ranks of the militant homosexual pederasts are swelled by heterosexuals and bisexuals who have taken the same polymorphously perverse lifestyle to heart, and there are also those who are neither pedophiles nor pederasts, but who simply share common interests in other areas. In any event, I would like to write a few words about atheism and homosexuality before closing.

The authors of “The Pink Swastika” believe that Hitler’s genocide against the Jews was in large part fueled by his distaste for, and disgust with, the Judeo/Christian ethos. According to the authors, Hitler’s animosity toward the Judeo/Christian tradition traces its roots to the Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality. Before you scoff, read the book with an open mind, and I believe you will see that they make a good case for their hypothesis. By the by, being the well read and knowledgeable reader that you are, you are no doubt aware by now that the Nazis were [are] a Far Left phenomena and not a right-wing outfit. That opens a whole other avenue to explore that unfortunately we will have to leave for another day. Link

If you can see your way past all of the leftist nonsense about Hitler being a staunch Christian (bulls–t), the atheist/pagan/occult nature of Nazism becomes quite evident (you might want to throw in a strong dash of Hellenic homosexuality as well). The militant homosexual subset that I have been discussing follows much the same formula as the Far Left Nazis of WW II did. In short, they despise the Judeo/Christian tradition, and have been working with a will to suppress it, and drive it out of America’s culture — quite successfully I might add. Link

Although the type of homosexual that I have been discussing (arrogant, vain, predatory) infests our government and military from the lowest levels to the highest, they are probably not America’s chief problem at this time — but they are a problem, and a big one. It is because of men like them (and the collusion of like-minded women) that the Senate repealed the ban on sodomy and bestiality in the armed forces. It is because of men like them, and the insidious poison they have spread, that things like the banning of Bibles at Walter Reed happen.

(Sidebar: Kudos are due to Rep. Steve King [R-IA] for bringing this abomination up on the House floor — as well as the topic of the illegal order for military chaplains to marry same-sex couples. This occurred a few days before Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told an appreciative crowd in Geneva, Switzerland that “Gay rights are human rights”). Link Link

So what can “we the people” do — anything? I suggested to a friend the other day that we should turn the pitiless searchlight of Critical Theory upon them. Shine its bright glare upon the demented Marxist/Fascist drivel that they peddle, and see how long their vaunted ideologies stand up to the remorseless pick, pick, picking of constant fault finding. My friend replied that he felt that would be beneath us, and bring us down to their level. Link

The sinking of the USS Oriskany, 2006

I answered that “we the people” used to understand that sometimes it is necessary to fight fire with fire — not because we wish to; not because we want to, but simply because we must. Allowing that which is good, decent, virtuous, and holy to be trampled in the mud is not Christian; it is not civilized, and by God it is not American. It is ignorance, sloth, and cowardice dressed up as something admirable. When push comes to shove sometimes the only thing that will beat back evil is physical resistance, and your life becomes forfeit for a cause more important than you. Freedom was once such a cause to Americans.

From what I have seen of the Pentagon these days let me say that after refusing to honor their oath to defend the Constitution; choosing to ignore America in extremis, and turning their backs on Lady Liberty as she is scuttled — the least they can do is salute her while she sinks.

Laus Deo.

Born in June of 1951 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jim O’Neill proudly served in the U.S. Navy from 1970-1974 in both UDT-21 (Underwater Demolition Team) and SEAL Team Two. A member of MENSA, he worked as a commercial diver in the waters off Scotland, India, and the United States. In 1998 while attending the University of South Florida as a journalism student, O’Neill won “First Place” in the “Carol Burnett/University of Hawaii AEJMC Research in Journalism Ethics Award.” The annual contest was set up by Carol Burnett with the money she won from successfully suing the National Enquirer for libel. Over the last few years, Jim has regularly written for Canada Free Press and now has a personal blog,
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