Van Jones Reveals Future of Occupy Wall St: ‘You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet’

Van Jones said Occupy Wall Street is going to be recruiting 2,000 candidates to run for office for "phase two" of the movement. (AP File Photo)
The Blaze

Van Jones offered a prediction Wednesday for those who have been watching the Occupy Wall Street movement: “You haven’t seen anything yet.”
The former Obama administration “green jobs czar” — an ardent supporter of the Occupy movement since its inception — said in an interview with CNN that the movement is ready to evolve into the areas of politics and policy-making, much like the Tea Party did in 2010.
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“You’re going to see an evolution now as you go from protests, keep the protests, but now expand into politics,” Jones said. “And if you thought there was an earthquake in 2010 when the Tea Party moved into politics, wait until this 99 percent movement moves over into politics. You haven’t seen anything yet.”
Jones said the movement is “going to be recruiting 2,000 candidates to run for office now under this 99 percent banner“ as Occupy Wall Street enters ”phase two.”
“Phase two, you move from anger to answers. You move from pointing out the problem to pointing out the solutions,” Jones said. “What you’re going to see now is you have the Occupy movement at the center, that’s the beating heart.”
Jones said despite New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s eviction of protesters from Zuccotti Park, “you can‘t put toothpaste back in the tube and you can’t evict an idea.”

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