Oprah’s Demise is a Look into Obama’s Future

Obama and Biden are lost on fantasy island no one cares about source:http://sultanknish.blogspot.com
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The video below is Orlay Taitz before the New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission, presenting power evidence that Barack Obama is an illegal President. 

Oprah Winfrey and President Obama are one and the same.
They are people who have greatly benefited from America’s riches and who are always willing to degrade America at any opportunity. Both of these people rose to riches and power when America was very prosperous and both assumed that the only reason was because of their superior personalities and nothing else. Both these personalities think they can trump reality and turn water into wine. As it turns out both are facing a day of reckoning with reality and the future is very bleak for them. Oprah’s personality is no longer working for success as her new launch of her OWN ( Oprah Winfrey Network) venture is crumbling and collapsing into oblivion. The same holds true with Obama. Everything he touches turns to failure: jobs, the economy, immigration, international affaires, health care, Solyndra-gate, Fast and Furious, OWS etc. You name it and he is failing at it.
Neither of these people understand that if you do not enforce America’s founding principles you have nothing and they have nothing now. They have abandoned America and America is abandoning them. It is even amazing that no one seems to be able to refute the mystery behind Obama’s social security number the ultimate Jihad against reality. Obama may have committed fraud all the way to the top but no one seems to care. It has been stated over and over again that his social security number 042-68-4425 has not been able to pass E-Verify and a social security background check. Whenever this is mentioned, those bringing up the point are quickly dismissed as kooks but the issue itself the ultimate reality is never, ever addressed or looked into.
Whoever disagrees with Oprah these days is summarily fired. The disagreement revolves around the fact that Oprah may be going bankrupt and most people have no time for what she has to say. When times were good and people had disposable income and free time they could waste it watching mindless TV. But Oprah and Obama are pretending they have the golden touch when they simply do not understand that without a golden economy they are irrelevant.
“[Winfrey’s] the biggest name out there, so naturally she anticipated her immense fan base would follow her,” said editor of TV Media Insights Marc Berman, who spent the previous 12 years at MediaWeek. “But that hasn’t been the case. Expectations were through the roof, but ratings aren’t close to meeting them.”  More…
The same may holds true with President Obama. His huge fan base elected him, but he may just find out that when he tries to launch his very OWN (Obama Wins Network) venture that his fan base simply does not believe in his message just like Oprah is finding out.
The other problem is this pesky social security issue that are dogging him. Why doesn’t his social security number pass simple scrutiny at the Social Security Administration? Why doesn’t it pass the E-Verify test? Recently, attorney Orly Taitz gave a one hour testimony before the New Hampshire Election Committee. This one hour testimony is really worth watching. It is riveting. Taitz gives fact after fact after fact that the committee needs to look into President Obama’s documents. Then the assistant secretary of state gives testimony as to how a nominee for president is certified by the state. Basically the nominee needs to sign a piece of paper that says he is qualified for the position and submit a check for $1000. That is it. There is no submission of a birth certificate or valid social security number just a piece of paper stating that the nominee is qualified.
At the end of the testimony and witness cross examination, the committee votes on whether there is a need to look into this any further. The committee’s attorney reads what the law says in New Hampshire. Basically it is that if the nominee signs a piece of paper stating he is qualified and submits a check for $1000 then the nominee is certified. Then the committee agrees that a piece of paper was submitted and $1000 was paid. This according to the committee was abundant proof that candidate Obama was qualified.
Even to the most naïve of observers this hearing was a sham of unbelievable proportions. When you watch the attached You-tube video of the testimony you will notice a lot of the comments below it. Many ask what kind of nuts would be raising these issues but none seem to refute the undeniable fact that the social security number is obviously suspect since it cannot pass E-Verify or the Social Security Administration’s scrutiny. Absolutely no one has an explanation for this.
We also find it extremely ironic that the New Hampshire Election Committee insists that the witnesses supporting Taitz are required to swear to an oath of telling the truth when at the same time they are ignoring that President Obama may have violated his oath of having told the truth when he signed the piece of paper stating that he was eligible.
Clearly, that signed piece of paper is not valid if it is fraudulent; yet, the committee just looked the other way. Essentially, when the committee members voted to uphold candidate Obama’s eligibility what they were saying is that as long as the candidate submits a signed piece of paper asserting eligibility it does not matter if that piece of paper is fraudulent or not. Do these people on the committee even realize how corrupt they appear?
As we have said at the beginning of this article Oprah and Obama are one and the same. Oprah is a little bit ahead of Obama in her demise but reality has caught up to her. President Obama is surrounded by reality and is boxed in on a fantasy island. Soon his very OWN ( Obama Wins Network) venture  will be cancelled for lack of ratings. His viewers have to live in the real world and can no longer afford his delusional fantasies.

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