Bachmann: ‘Table Has Been Set for a Worldwide Nuclear War Against Israel’

The Blaze

Presidential candidate and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann stopped by Glenn’s NYC radio studio Monday for a talk that spanned national security, the possibility of economic collapse, and the implications of a second Barack Obama term.
Congresswoman Bachmann laid out her expansive policy knowledge, foreign affairs acumen, and expressed her deep concerns about the future of the country.
Among her most stark analytic points was that “The table has been set for a worldwide nuclear war against Israel.”
Rep. Bachmann  also added that “We can’t think we are invincible just because we are the United States of America.”
When Glenn pushed her on the possibility of civil war, Bachmann responded ominously: ’We Are Headed For Harder Times Than People Realize.’
You can watch the full, thought-provoking interview below:

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