13 Crystal Skulls – Warfare Today!!!!!

L.A. Marzulli

There is so much that is going on that it’s hard for me to decide what to BLOG on.  The latest Israeli threat of a preemptive strike is certainly note-worthy (see In Other News Section below) – This story is also accompanied by another link to the Straights of Hormuz and how oil prices would skyrocket if the Israeli’s attacked Iran.  I’ve pointed this out in past posts and here it is now in the main-stream media.
Then we have the Satanic Ritual story that almost killed a man has he was slashed more than 300 times over a two-day period.  The picture of the alleged Satanists tell a sordid story.  One look at them reveals all….
The planet is seething as we see earthquakes, volcanic activity, floods, and bizarre climate changes that won’t go away.  I believe there is a supernatural component to this and it is what I call, softening of the objective, as the Fallen One is setting the stage for His Revealing of mankind’s saviors, the so-called extraterrestrial with free enegery and a implantable chip that will extend our life spans disease free for 500 years or so…. as in the days of Noah…
However, this morning I want to take this opportunity to exhort all of us to pray against what is occurring in America.  I’m speaking of the 13 crystal skulls  that are traveling the country and are due on 11-11-11 in Los Angeles.  In my opinion, this is  occult a-go-go in that these people with the skulls are trying to open up portals that will let the ancient ones back in.  In The Cosmic Chess Match I point this out referring to Nimrod and the tower of Babel as well as what I belive was a Luciferian, ritualistic blood sacrifice of the Holocaust. (Tom Horn has written extensively on this topic!)
Make no mistake about it these entities are ancient, but they are the source of much of the evil that is in the world today.  They are the Fallen Angels, the Watchers,  who in the distant past created the Nephilim.  The people who are aligning themselves with these entities do not have a clue as to who it is they are dealing with.  Please remember that the Mayan’s ritualistically sacrificed over 70,000 human beings, so don’t be fooled by this New Age peace and love nonsense!   Theirs is a “religion” steeped in occult practices that are the antithesis of what Christians believe.
In closing today’s Post: It is time for us to pray against this. It is time for us to join together and engage the enemy and rid our land of this defilement, because defilement is what it is.  Pray against what these misguided people are trying to open up!  War against them for we fight not flesh and blood but against rulers, against authorities, against the spiritual forces of evil, in the heavenly places!   We are at war!  Pray!!!!
Tear down the strong-holds for the enemy has lied…


Cosmic Chess Match with L.A. Marzulli from Gary Stearman on Vimeo.

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