Gods of the New Age

Kitman TV

Documentary exposing the dangers of the New Age Movement; Yoga, Meditation, Eastern Mysticism, Kundalini, PsychologiaI Therapy, Self-Help, Mind Control and much more... It explores its birth, its invasion, and its effect on western society. It explores the pagan roots of eastern mysticism, meditation, yoga, and more. Shows how it was conceived in the early 1960's at a planning session by Hindu gurus in India as a means of converting Americans to Eastern mysticism. The seemingly innocuous devices used range from yoga meditation to a belief in reincarnation. We are given an extraordinary inside glimpse into an eerie world of cult mentality and mindless obedience, and we see how an outright attack against traditional American beliefs has been successfully launched, not only from Hindu missionaries, but from unsuspecting Americans who have accepted the surface manifestations of this religion as trendy and fun. Many of these concepts, amazingly. have found their way into American churches which, themselves, are the very target of the attack. The film covers the chilling parallels between the belief structure in today's New Age subculture and that in Hitler's Third Reich two generations ago.

Contains notable appearances of Sheela Silverstein, who was not just believed to have been extorting millionaires after taping their sexually deprived acts in her camp, but also orchestrated the 1984 bio-terror attack which poisoned 750 locals outside in the the neighboring town of the Rajneeshpuram camp

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