Explosive Video: Bill Ayers Leads Radical Teach in at #OccupyChicago (video)

Rebel Pundit

WE ARE UNDER SIEGE BY COMMUNISTS!I for one am not buying anything Bill Ayers says when he obviously KNOWS he is on camera.  His entire Weather Underground movement was violent ridden, and he has never re-canted but only said he should have been "more violent".

Last Wednesday we attended a teach in lead by radical revolutionary Bill Ayers at the #Obama endorsed Occupy Chicago protest.
Ayers discussed many things in the one hour session. In the following footage we released exclusively with the EAG Foundation, you will hear Ayers talk about meeting with the Vietnamese to discuss his plans for revolution in America, as well laughing at the idea of protesting lawfully. You also may be surprised to hear Ayers criticize president Obama for acts of war.
Also notice as Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit correctly points out, the camera man from WFLD FoxNews Chicago at the beginning of the session shaking hands and laughing with Ayers. Maybe you should ask MyFoxChicago, why this is the first we are seeing of this footage.
There is plenty more to come from this explosive session with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Stay tuned.

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