EXPLOSIVE! Napolitano Gives Secret Clearance to Muslim Brotherhood

Atlas Shrugs

The smugness and indifference of Janet "Napolean" is breathtaking. WHERE IS THE MEDIA? WE MUST BE THE MEDIA AMERICA, WE MUST BE THE MEDIA

Homeland Insecurity in the hot seat: Big Sis, Janet Napolitano, with the most most disturbing hairdo/color I have ever seen, admits that she has been given secret clearance to Muslim Brotherhood-tied operatives here in the US at the US Immigration and Enforcement hearings. This is jawdropping testimony. Looking like a character in a John Waters film, Janet Napolitano is either clueless, complicit or downright lying to cover for her Muslim Brotherhood appointments. Napolitano denies being aware of a Muslim Brotherhood-tied operative whom she swore in.

Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas does a spectacular job on pressing Napolitano's knowledge of the story that I posted yesterday concerning Mohamed Elibiary, the Homeland Security Adviser who allegedly leaked intel and shopped classified Info to media. I warned of Elibiary's appointment back in 2010. He asked if she was aware and she said she was not aware. Gohmert further pressed Napolitano of her knowledge of Elibiary's support of the Ayatollah Khomeini. Again she feigned concern and professed ignorance. This is the head of Homeland Security claiming ignorance of the most dangerous threat to the homeland, the global jihad and Islamic imperialism and expansion. All of her answers indicate that she is being led by her not inconsequential nose by those who seek "to eliminate and destroy Western civilization from within."

Gohmert asked her if it concerned her at all and ...... she didn't answer.

In the final quesiton, Rep Gohmert asked Napolitano if they needed to appoint somebody to investigate Elibiary's spying and shopping the intel around (who knows who else Mohamed Elibiary shared this top secret info with?) and she said "she would look into it."

Trust me, Rep. Gohmert, she will never investigate; please appoint an investigator. Big Sis is part of the problem.

Napolitano has stacked her "Countering Violent Extemism" CVE with Muslim Brotherhood-tied operatives. They have so twisted and won the narrative that the strategy of islamic terrorism has been reduced to local crime (violent, yes but local crime, nonetheless). Read this claptrap. The President of Muslim Brotherhood-tied ISNA, Mohamed Magid, is on her "countering violent extremism" working group and is given secret clearance.

Other stealth jihad appointments at Obama's Department of Homeland Security include Arif Alikhan, who was instrumental in removing the Islamic terror tracking plan in LA, and Kareem Shora, leader of the Arab group that hailed jihadists. .............

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