Slouching Toward Ezekiel 38?


Iran faces high risk of military strike. Russia practices Iranian reprisal

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When I read this story last night it sent chills down my spine.  
The reason for this was that with all of the unrest and instability that the Arab Spring has generated Iran has continued to push toward the creation of a nuclear weapon.  At some point they will achieve their goal and then what, strike Tel Aviv? 
In the meantime, as the DEBKA article reports, the Russians have conducted military exercises in accordance with what they believe will be strike on Iran in the near future, followed by the Iranians striking American oil interest in the Caspian Sea.
I wrote a tongue in cheek blog yesterday about Comet Elenin.  The reason for this is that so many people are being distracted by Elenin, the Mayan Calendar, and other events that they fail to see Biblical prophecies shaping up right in front of our eyes.  
While this military drill with Russia may not be a prelude to the Ezekiel 38 war, it does show us that the players that are cited in that passage of scripture are alive and well, and present on the world stage.
Last night I spoke to a dear friend and he was wondering if we were in the Tribulation period.  I replied that in my opinion, we most certainly were not, however, we are in the birth pangs that at some point will give birth to the Tribulation.  This man was pointing to another comet that is supposed to smash into earth sometime in November and tied the event to the book of Revelation that discusses Wormwood falling to earth.  I replied that I didn’t think the time frame was right as we are still in the birth pangs, therefore this isn’t wormwood.
So what might we expect in the coming months?  Here’s a quick overview of where we are at the moment.
1.  Syria:  The situation continues with Bashar Assad clinging desperately to the reigns of power.  Will he lash out at Israel as a way to save his regime?
2. Turkey: As I posted several days ago, Turkey is blaming all of the ills in the Middle East on Israel and they are now involved militarily in Northern Iraq, Syria, and Cyprus.  They are mobilized, and have a strong military presence in the region.  It wouldn’t take much for them to launch an offensive against Israel.  With the Gaza flotilla incident last year fresh in the mind of Erdogan, a repeat of the same type of assault by the Israeli’s could lead to war.  There is another flotilla headed to Gaza.
3.  HAMAS: continues its rocket attacks and vitriol against Israel.  Their not going away any time soon, and as was reported this week, there may have been anti-aircraft rockets, and who knows what else, smuggled into Gaza from the Libyan revolution.
4. PLO:  They are vying for statehood at the United Nations.  In their view of things there is no Israel, and thus there will be no peace until every Jew is gone from “their” land.  Go back and read my post from last week on this! 
In closing todays post:  Iran is a key player in the region.  It is also a Islamic Republic that holds to the tenants of Sharia law.  Their belief in the coming Mahdi, is at a feverish apocalyptic pitch and with that in mind, armed with a nuclear device one can only imagine what the Imams will do in the name of Allah.  
Russia has its fingerprints all over the area.  With this latest military exercise it is a sobering reminder that at some point in time, the coalition of nations that are listed in the Ezekiel 38 prophecy will come to fruition.  At that point there will be a great earthquake that will destroy the armies of Gog on the mountains of Israel. 

All of this points to the end of the Cosmic Chess Match, where we will see the coming of The Rider on the White Horse and with Him the armies of heaven!

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