Rick Perry’s Dangerous Muslim Compromise

There's no doubt that Texas Gov. Rick Perry has made a massive national splash in recent weeks by calling for a large prayer and fasting rally in the Texas' Reliant Stadium. The gathering garnered widespread support, as it should have, from a broad spectrum of evangelical Christians throughout America.
Even nominal Christians will admit that the United States now more than ever, deeply needs the church to pray. But while many Christians fully supported the call to pray and fast for our nation, many were also rightfully leery of Perry's prominent involvement in the event, particularly in light of the fact that it only preceded his official announcement to run for president by a week. While evangelicals should no doubt be looking for a president with integrity, humility and a reliance on Jehovah God to guide this nation, we must also be extremely cautious of throwing our full support behind anyone simply because he makes a good public showing of his Christian faith. CONTINUE

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