The Church Has a 'Go and Tell' Mission

Bethlehem's mission in Minneapolis must never be mainly a come and see mission. It must be a go and tell mission. Suppose that all 1,000 of you had just arrived on the scene in Minneapolis as a team of tent-making missionaries. You know what they are — people who will work at secular jobs to support themselves and their families and to penetrate a given population with the gospel.
And suppose that we all got together and said, Well, here we are, and we have no jobs yet and no place to live and there are 1,000 of us. What should we do to reach this metropolitan area for Christ? I think the answer would be, let's all go out and find jobs. All different kinds of jobs all over the cities. And let's pray and let the Spirit guide us to houses and apartments all over the cities and the surrounding suburbs. Let's not all live together in one apartment complex. And let's not make a Christian industry. But let's live among the nationals and get jobs where they work. In other words let's develop a go and tell model of penetration instead of a come and see model of concentration. Great idea! Terrific strategy!CONTINUE

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