C-D-C Blows The Lid Off The COVID Pandemic—Media Goes Into High Gear to Cover It Up..

 “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” 
William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

Before the Presidential election in 2016 I said then in a blog that "Everything is rigged", because everything was rigged then, and it is more true today.  The media has indoctrinated enough Americans into believing the narratives they spin over and over ad nauseam.  And at the moment I am just thinking about a handful of the current leading narratives that MILLIONS NOW BELIEVE :

  • The China Virus is such a threat to children and adults that we have to close the nation and keep "flattening the curve"... until the media (the purveyors of truth) says it's safe.
  • Black Lives Matter is not a Marxist organization that supports Democrats and whose goal is revolution and the destruction of America.
  • Peaceful protests are mainly peaceful.
  • Racism is systemic throughout America.  
  • Trump is a racist and "a threat to our Democracy".
These are all DEMONSTRABLY false...but you wouldn't know it if you read or watch the mainstream media....or attend almost any college university in this country.  - W.E.


The CDC Doesn’t Want the Truth Out About COVID-19 – If They Did They’d Be More Transparent

For months Americans have heard all sorts of conflicting reports about COVID-19.
  • We heard from the Director General of the WHO on March 3, 2020 that COVID19 had a mortality rate of 3.4% – this was not true.
  • We heard from Dr. Tony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, using the Imperial College Model, that the US was going to incur 2.2 million deaths due to COVID.  Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx then met with President Trump privately and urged him to shut down the US economy and destroy the record Trump economy based on this model – the model was a fraud.
  • We’ve heard that masks (don’t work and then) that masks do work in COVID-19 prevention but with no empirical evidence whatsoever to support these claims.
  • We’ve heard that the CDC sent out directives months ago to include COVID-19 on any deaths where COVID-19 is even suspected of being a cause of death.  We reported in April that states are forced to include probable cases in their COVID-19 mortality counts.  This is really unheard of and increases the number of cases.
  • And finally the CDC provides data on its website that is basically total garbage.  Expert data analysts are unable to easily determine simple answers to their questions about COVID-19.  No wonder the average American can’t make sense out of their numbers.
Here are some examples:

The CDC reports COVID-19 results on its website.  The results are not clear.  They state that 6% of the deaths related to COVID-19 are deaths where only COVID-19 is the cause.  They also state that “on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death”.

Unfortunately, these statements do not provide enough information to even the casual observer.  The CDC must want it that way. 

Yesterday CNN and Twitter attacked TGP and President Trump for our accurate reporting based on these statements.  This is because CNN and Twitter despise President Trump and all he stands for but also because the data from the CDC is garbage.
When you look at the CDC’s data they show the following this morning.  The first image below is a partial list from the CDC website:

The second image is data from the CDC website imported into Excel:

An initial observation is that the CDC numbers do not foot or add up.  The far right column shows deaths related to pneumonia, COVID-19 and Influenza.  But this number is not supported by the other columns.  There is no way to confirm this number.
The CDC shows pneumonia has more deaths to date this year than COVID-19.  This is something never reported in the media. It’s all COVID-19 all the time.
The more glaring observations are related to what the CDC does not show.  The CDC does not show all deaths related to COVID-19 only.  This is nowhere to be found.  The only values in their table are COVID-19 deaths including COVID-19 deaths where other causes are also in place.  Remember from our posts over the weekend, the number of COVID-19 deaths where COVID-19 is the only cause is 6%.  Meaning there are now only (167,558 *6%) 10,053 deaths where COVID-19 was the only cause.  But this is not shown by the CDC.  Why do they not report this?

The size of the population of deaths related to COVID-19 is very small.  We should be able to see all the data but the CDC will not share it.  Again, we wonder why?  In today’s world data analysts are dealing with data sets that include millions of records and values.  A data set of 167,000 is very small.
We would like to know, and we are sure the average American would like to know, where the cases occurred (state data is available) but along with this we’d like to know for each case:
  • Age of individual at death
  • All other causes of death by individual specifically identified and tabulated
  • Whether the individual lived in a nursing home or not before death (remember New York and other Democrat state’s insane mandates on putting COVID-19 patients back in nursing homes)
  • Whether the individual was tested for COVID or was determined to have COVID-19 based on observation
  • Date of death and the date recorded

The fact that the CDC will not provide this information on a virus that was determined to be so devastating that we had to shut down the US economy, is not acceptable!

Lisa Haven

Pastor John MacArthur nailed it perfectly as well:

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