WATCH LIVE: Vehicle Protest in Michigan as Citizens Demand State Reopen


In normal times it would be considered something of a lazy man’s protest.  Drive up, park, hang out in your car.  Maybe honk a few times.  But in the age of coronavirus, this is about as strong a message as constituents can send.

On what is normally the day we file our federal income taxes, 4/15, protesters organized by the Michigan Conservative Coalition and Michigan Freedom Fund, intend to surround the State Capitol building in Lansing Michigan to protest the oddly extreme shutdown measures imposed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The group asks protesters to:

“…surround the Capitol in their vehicles at noon Wednesday to display flags and signs, make noise and be disruptive about Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s “erratic, unilateral orders that threaten Michiganders’ economic existence,” according to a news release. They warned protesters to come ready for a potentially major traffic jam.”
Whitmer recently extended her stay-at-home order and added to it a ban on crossing the street to visit neighbors.  Her orders also deny Michigan residents the use of their vacation homes upstate, but allows out-of-state owners to use their Michigan vacation homes.

Via Breitbart News

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