Top FBI Child Trafficking & Child Prostitution Task Force Chief helped Chicago PD investigate Smollett hoax; Did Jussie Rat Out Hollywood?


Internal Chicago Police records show detectives employed a top FBI Supervisory Special Agent specializing in investigating the trafficking of sexually exploited children, child prostitution and aggravated child sexual abuse to help investigate the Smollett assault hoax case.

During early stages of the investigation, records show, Chicago Police shared Intel with the FBI and FBI Special Agent Gregory Wing was working the investigation daily alongside city detectives.

But Wing supervises the Child Sex Crimes and Violent Crimes Against Children squad in the FBI’s Chicago Field Office and is considered one of the top agents investigating child sex trafficking in the country, according to the FBI.

What is one of FBI’s premier child sex crimes and child sex trafficking investigators doing working an assault case? Wing and his FBI task force track down high-profile pedophiles and pimps. He doesn’t intervene with local assault cases.

One internal Chicago PD document from the Smollett case states:  “Per request of FBI Special Agent Greg Wing, the forwarded a copy of the search warrant Number 19SW5223, which was issued pertaining to the Apple Incorporated held iCloud account controlled by Jussie Smollett to FBI analyst Mariella Lopez via email … The received an email reply indicating receipt of this document.”

The question is why is Wing working an assault case with Chicago Police? And what did one of the FBI’s top sex crimes investigator want with a subpoena on Smollett’s phone records? Or Smollett’s phone records?
“Perhaps it’s developed into something larger than an assault or hoax case,” one FBI insider hypothesized. “He’s there for a reason and he is reporting back to the Bureau for sure.”
These new revelations also mean the FBI has been involved in the Smollett case for months, a fact that was not publicized. Likely intentionally.

From the Chicago PD case file:

The FBI and Chicago Police, however, are not commenting on what the FBI’s child sex crime unit is doing involved in the Smollett case. The Chicago Police records of the case mention Wing and his cooperation in several documents, including helping detectives coordinate logistics and working the daily tenets of the investigation. Much of the file, however, is redacted.

President Trump said Thursday that the FBI and Justice Department should and perhaps would examine the Smollett investigation, days after 16 felony charges against Smollett were mysteriously dropped.

But FBI insiders said Smollett could be cooperating in a much larger probe and may have offered intelligence that was “too good to pass up” as one insider said.

Did Smollett rat out Hollywood and is this why the FBI’s top agents and squads investigating child sex crimes were called to intervene?

Here is a video clip of Wing explaining what his child sex trafficking task force does:

Wing’s FBI task force is explained here, along with a partial biography of Wing’s FBI career is here:

The (FBI’s) Violent Crimes Against Children Task Force enhances the effectiveness of federal/state/and local law enforcement resources through a well-coordinated initiative seeking the most effective investigative/prosecutive avenues by which to convict and incarcerate dangerous offenders. The primary mission of the Task Force is to identify, investigate, and pursue the successful prosecution of individuals and groups responsible for crimes against children. This (includes) trafficking of sexually exploited children, child prostitution, aggravated child sexual abuse, online child sexual exploitation and child sex tourism in the Philippines.
This story is developing. ~ Thomas Paine

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