Hillary Clinton Stakes Claim in Florida – Begs Voters For Money to Fund Democrat Bill Nelson’s Recount Efforts

Hillary Clinton and Mark Elias


Hillary Clinton officially staked her claim in Florida Monday after she launched a fundraising campaign to pay for ‘lawyers and activists’ to help corrupt Democrat Senator Bill Nelson with his recount efforts.

Hillary Clinton released a memo via her PAC Onward Together Monday begging for money to help Democrats steal the Senatorial election in Florida.

Swamp dweller and Clinton fixer, Marc Elias of Perkins Coie has already been retained by Bill Nelson to help with the recount.

Hillary’s memo to her supporters (courtesy of Washington Examiner):

Despite the tweeted complaints of Donald Trump and Rick Scott, the counting of ballots in Florida has continued. The final margin in the races for Senate is too close to call, and the Secretary of State has just ordered a recount.
We need to make sure that Senator Nelson’s team has everything they need for this process, and we cannot waste a moment. Make a donation to the DSCC’s voter protection efforts while they work to make sure every vote is counted.
What we’re seeing right now is unprecedented — this is the first a full statewide recount in Florida history. It’s unbelievable that any elected official wouldn’t call for a fair and accurate count of the votes.
The DSCC is currently deploying lawyers and organizers down to Florida to make sure that Senator Nelson has whatever legal support, staff capacity, and voter protection resources he needs to win this fight — and investing in their work is the best way you can have an impact. Chip in $25 to defend Democrats like Bill Nelson:
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Rumors are swirling Hillary Clinton may announce her 2020 Presidential bid soon.

Clinton’s fundraising effort in Florida is her first move after her former aide said she would run again in 2020.

Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) is currently ahead of incumbent Bill Nelson, however; Broward County and Palm Beach County continued producing tens of thousands of votes several days after the election which prompted a recount after narrowing both top ticket races.

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